Friday, April 18, 2008

Yay Summer Vacation!

(Kanye inspired? I was amazed when I saw these glasses today, what purpose do these serve? Horrid tan lines is my first though. I tryed them on, just for fun, and honestly I would have tripped if I tryed walking in these haha)

(Some Lovely Judith Leiber sunnys.. I want =( )

(Lovely spring weather right?)
(Camera shifted slightly, blue sky, whats up weather?)

It is amazingly hard to believe its officially summer vacation. Since this is my first year out of highschool, it seems very odd to join those college kids I was jealous of for getting out so much earlier. I breathe a huge sigh of relief now that Im done with exams, one I found fairly easy.. todays fairly hard.. But, they're over with so either way so it feels good!

To celebrate I went out for dinner. Next stop was the army and navy shoe sale, which had SO many shoes, I piled up a basket nicely, making my arm incredibly sore, is it not awkward to carry a super heavy basket? Not to mention bumping into those people who refuse to move. Sadly none of the shoe I chose fit, very dissapointing, and I felt pretty bad when the cute worker offered to put them all back, but he reassured me that he had seen much worse. After this fight through the shoes I realized how many people dont obey the obvious shopping rules. For me, these are a couple of thing that are on my list.
1. When someone is looking at a section of clothing, you do not go right beside them and push the items toward them. Seriously I hate when I have my little cleared space and someone comes right up and pushes it all together again, so rude!
2. If the aisles are tight, let people past who want by, do not just stand there like a blimp please. This happened to me today, A lady was trying on shoes right in the middle of this tingy aisle, and the store even had this nice little section of set up chairs for people to try stuff on!
Anyways... Next stop Walmart, I had to load up on a few essentials.. Shampoo, hangers, those awesome shavers that dont require shaving cream =D <333

Also this morning I tagged along with my mom to her eye appointment. Boredly waiting I decided to try on sunglasses, and Oh My did I find some amazinglyyyy lust worthy glasses. Too bad im not going to spend $1300 on them =( I wish I could find a picture of the ones I saw, but I can't find one, they were dark blue frames, with *amazing* side detail, as are most Judith Leiber sunnys. One last rant, the weather man was right; snow, wind, sleet, rain, freezing cold!? It looked like death today, We've been breaking records with this awful weather, I want summer!
I know this post was incredibly long, but lot's seemed to have happened today haha. So, what are some of your shopping rules, or pet peeves?


Molly :] said...

My shopping rule is buy, buy, buy! i tend to buy the same things over and over again, so i guess that is my peeve ;)

Agh. It is un springlike where i live aswell. Somedays it could be 30 degrees, others its snowing.

:) xx

Jennifer said...

I haven't any fashion rules except the one my mom always instilled in me since I was younger which was to buy things I could wear into the next season or for several years. I guess that's why I never buy "fad" clothes but more of essential classics that I can mix up.

Oh and the Kanye West-esque sunnies. I was at the eye doctor the other day and they made me put on a pair "glasses" that looked like those. They made my vision clear but I looked pretty ridiculous.

jenny h. said...

love those judith leiber sunglasses.
they are dreamy :)

great blog!

1234 said...

haha i totally have a pair of kanyes, but i never actually wear them. theyre just for fun.

1234 said...

ps link up?

j'aime said...

I actually saw a guy walking down the street wearing those shades a couple weeks ago. It was nighttime as well, god knows how he could see anything!!

My shopping rule is not to buy something unless I'm 100% sure I love it. If I'm not sure, I leave it a week, and if I find myself still thinking about it, I buy it. One thing I hate is when you try something on and you don't like it, but you feel inclined to buy it - worst sitch ever! And also when ppl are super slow looking through racks, and are in your way. yep.

Pinkhead. said...

awesome blog. I used and yeah you do sign up which I don't usually do that kind of thing but it was easy.

Wendy said...

I actually wanted those first sunglasses but I guess they're not very practical.

thimbles and gingham said...

My town has been having heaps of music festivals of late and it seems like EVERYBODY is wearing those Kanye glasses. Imagine trying to dance in them, not to mention trying to see the stage.

because im addicted said...

those kanye glasses crack me up!