Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today was a very deceivingly beautiful day, sun out, blue sky.. but absolutely freezing with the most raw wind and slippery dusting of snow on the ground. I could seriously settle for a balmy 15c or something right about now. As much as I love snow, Im ready for some warm. It doesn't help that so many people I know seem to be going on warm vacations. Oh well the weekend is basically here, time to have some fun studying for my midterm.. My weekend sounds thrilling, I know. I hope some of you have more exciting plans so at least I can imagine fun through others.

In other news.. Im kind of loving pixie market, specifically these outfits.. and of course the boots =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Latest Cravings..

My latest obsession seems to be light colored blazers, specifically in the white, cream and beige regions. Isn't it weird when something that didn't use to appeal to you, all of a sudden becomes at the top of your most wanted list?

Perhaps a couple of these had something to do with it:
Elizabeth and James blazer.. available on Intermix.
Unfortunately for me I think I would have to settle on the H&M version, which wasn't that bad when I saw it last week. Also I think I've decided to pass of on the denim jacket from H&M.. I think if I were to go for a denim jacket it would be more simple, something I wouldn't get quite as tired of.
Looking at these E&J makes me want the famous knuckle ring, I cannot find it anywhere online, I've been bummed about it for quite some time, anyone seen the lovelies lately?
Also I would just like to say I really love receiving and reading your comments, and that I do eventually respond if you ever leave any questions, Im just one of those procrastinators, but I will be trying to work on quicker response times =)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Finally the weekend! This week has seemed incredibly long, I guess it's not really my weekend until tommorow evening though because I have work during the day =( What an exciting way to spend a Saturday. Hope you all have been enjoying NY fashion week, I already like too many to post about, and I've seen way to many street shots that I love as well! It's times like these I really wish I could visit NY.
So since there's too many photos I love, I had to narrow it down to one of my always favorites-- MK of course!
And look.. she's holding my bag!

Such a lovely color and some interesting looking rings.I really liked this shot by The Sartorialist, nice and simple.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Heart You Mr.Wang

I've been so excited for Alexander Wang's Fall'09 collection, so I decided to make a little collage of all my favorites. Isn't that white dress Ah-mazing!? And the Acc's, the superhero-esque cuff and the bags are all so awesome. I actually saw MK with the studded bottom bag a week ago and loved it. Shopbop finally got the Trudy tote in too. Now I just need a little miracle santa to deliver some of these to my doorstep, sigh.

photos from and I must say, I cannot honestly do anything on psp, so Im pretty impressed with even my simple collages haha, I believe you should be able to click them to enlarge.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

Dun Dun Dun!! Well I hope nothing unfortunate happened to any of you today, all went normally for me. I returned the boots today, and ended up getting sucked into purchasing shorts at Zara. Its so silly because its like 5c here and there's no way it will be warm enough to wear shorts till at least May, if Im lucky. Also they have some pretty sweet looking Balmain-esque heels in case anyone is interested. Aritzia had all of their new Wilfred stuff in, so much cute stuff, I wish I could show you but they refuse to update their website.

Then I was off to H&M to purchase the lace up wedges from a few posts below, they didnt have brown though so I got them in black. They even had a promotion for 20% off any single item, talk about luck, take that Friday the 13th! I also saw this jacket and took a quick snap of it, shh.
I've honestly never been a fan of jean jackets, but something about this one caught my eye. Still, It could just be a momentary fad with me, and I will soon go back to not being interested in them. What do you think?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Decisions, Decisions..

Okay so photo uploader wasn't working earlier, but here are the boots I mentioned:

I think Im leaning towards not keeping them now, although I love the studding detail I feel like there is too much material around the top, and they are not quite slouchy enough to handle all of it. So unless you guys change my mind, they are most likely going back and I will probably for the H&M wedges instead =)

They are from Zara too btw.

Just A Little Update..

I know I've been kind of intermittent lately, school and nothing exciting happening to me is to blame I suppose. Tommorow though Im going to hopefully post a picture of my new boots that Im still contemplating if I should keep or not, so you guys will have to be my swing vote. Lately I've been so bad at buying and then second guessing myself! Tsk Tsk.

Well I must get to sleep now, earlier I fell asleep, missing half of Lost and making me more confused then ever, not to mention grumpy =)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Defense Accessories pt.2

So I've clearly been falling for all the spikey, punked out accessories lately, and when I was cruising through f21 I became tempted to pay the always outrageous shipping fees to Canada for some of these lovelies:
It's a tease because they are ridiculously cheap online (This is honestly what initially attracted me to them, I would prefer something even more spikey) , but Im sure it would be much more expensive when delivered, I cant seem to find the shipping fees though.

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Crushes!

So, Im still contemplating the shoes below, but when I was shopping downtown on Tuesday I fell in love with a couple more items, Aritzia happened to just be putting out their new spring stuff, and I automatically fell in love with a Wilfred blazer, and black current/elliot jeans.. Just these two items would set me back about $500 though, so I didnt bother trying either on - yet anyways =)
Also while cruising around today I discovered on teenvogue the most exciting news since... Im not really sure when. But apparently Alexander Wang has been designing jewellery that will become available starting Valentines Day, I dont know about you but I just got a whole lot more excited for VDay!

This cuff looks like something a badass superhero might wear =), and apparently the earrings will be worn in different ways? That aren't your typical pierced or clipped, Im exicted to see how that turns out since I dont have pierced ears!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Thinking about getting these puppies that Lisa is wearing, I saw them at h&m last Friday.. hmm
Im also sorry that I keep posting nothing but shoes lately, Im just way to obsessed..