Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sorry I've been so m.i.a lately, I've just been trying to make the best of summer time, we had a really rainy day last week which was so depressing, so ever since the sun came back out I've been taking as much advantage of it as possible. Went to see Transformers last week (on the rainy day), pretty good, tons of action and good comedy, but I still like the first the best, what did you guys think?

Then went on a nice little ferry ride to the island and spent some time at our Province's capital, it's so pretty over there, it was beautiful weather and I love the open ocean! Then today I went to a lake, and got some bad sunburns which is going to leave seriously bad tan lines. I still have horrid tan lines from last year, honestly I dont know how to fix myself!?

Anyways while on our nearly 2hr ferry ride, I saw the new Elle magazine and snatched it up, inside I saw this totally awesome clutch: Alexander Mcqueen glove clutch, photo found from a random google search.

Also, it was such a tragedy to hear about Michael Jackson, I honestly thought it was just a typical false news report, and was pretty shocked to find out it was true. All I have to say is I think he made some awesome music, and may he rest in peace!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Sorry for the mini hiatus there, I've just been a little side tracked lately. Last night I went to see Coldplay, abolutely fucking amazingggggg, honestly just so awesome I wish I could just rewind and relive the whole thing! Chris Martin is just such an entertaining performer, I don't know how he can keep up the energy level! They all sounded great live though, Snow Patrol opened, they were also really great live, and their lead singer (Gary Lightbody) is soo adorabble, I totally didn't realize he had an accent, Im a sucker for accents. Also loved when Chris asked to dim the lights so it was basically black and got everyone to bring out their cell phones, it was the most amazingg effect, and then we did a "wave" of cell phones, which is wayyyyy cooler looking than your average football game wave lol! Cameras weren't allowed so I was afraid mine would get taken away, so all I can show you is other peoples pictures! If they haven't come to your city yet, I seriously recommend getting tickets to see them, you will have such a blast!!
Next excitement on my list --> opening day Transformers, hell yeah! :D

Yellow balloons during yellow, obviously haha
Went to the back of the stadium to perform literally right in the crowd, so jealous of these people!
Confetti, yayy!
I believe this photo was from the night before, Im sure ours was better, but still you get the idea =P And still this photo does not do justice to how awesome it looked

I found these photos at

PS: I totally want their jackets! At one point Chris had on his usual awesome jacket, and the others had similar purple and pink ones!

Tommorow I get my hair cut.. dun dun dunn

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Need Sequins!!

Im such a sequin addict these days its a bit much, yet I dont really own any sequined items, so when I saw Stella McCartney's resort 2010 I totally fell in love with everything, especially those awesome sequined jackets!! I even loved the backdrop, balloons, blow-up furniture and bubbles!


What do you guys think?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Drumroll please..

....And the lucky winner is..... Brittany! Sorry to everyone else, I wish I could make you all win, but Im glad you all participated, I had tons of fun hosting this contest so thanks again to the people of chickdowntown!

Anyways, anyone have exciting plans for the weekend? Nothing to much on my agenda again, maybe a BBQ, other than that its up in the air. Also yesterday I went into the gap, I thought Id ask the employees if they would be getting any of the Alexander Wang/ Vena Cava stuff in, they looked like I had just spoke something bizarre in a foreign language. Guess that means no. So Im assuming that Canada will maybe not be getting any of the items? Oh well I guess, I was just kind of curious to see how they looked in person. I did see some nice plain tee's that came in a variety of colors, I might go back and get a couple, they also had a nice pair of pants.
Im starting that thing where I get excited about fall clothes way too early, I hardly got out of them!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Round Two

After looking through magazines, I realize I could play this game forever, but this just happened to be a bunch of shoes I came across one day, out of many, many days of discovering fabulous shoes:

*ting ting*
Dior fall '09 VSPierre Hardy fall '09

To me this is completely uneven, but we will see.. different people, different tastes.
Remember the contest! it's coming to an end..

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hope all of your weekends went well, I didn't do too much, went out for dinner fri/sat..and I finallyy bought something.. Shoes. Im not sure if I will keep them yet though, I've been trying to not buy stuff for awhile, since last month, and the couple before that I was getting a bit excessive, but I kind of crumbled today. We shall see what happens, I also kind of really want a puppy, but that doesn't look like it's going to be happening any time soon.

Okayy I was also trying to refrain posting anything MKA for awhile, but I can't help it.. how freakin awesomeee are her rings!?

photo: MK&A style

I promise noo more MKA pics for at least two weeks lol!

Alsoo it's coming down to the last week of the contest! Dont forget to enter and leave your email!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sugar Highhh!

I went to see Dane Cook tonight (Woo!) I freakin love him, too hilarious, it was a great time!! Soo.. Before we went into the stadium these people checked our bags and made us throw out our water bottles (not even opened) =( soo by the end of cheering and ab tightening laughter I was absolutely parched! We hit a Mcdonalds on the way home which was about the only thing open, since all pop is a dollar I decided to get large, clearly too much sugar for me at this time of the night because I feel like Im bouncing on the walls. But yeah all in all a fabulous night, perfect weather, but I must say to include some fashion in this post, Dane.. tsk tsk, yellow graphic tee and camo pants!? No, no, noo, please let us bloggers help you out next time! I still love him despite it though =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The nice weather is amazingly still here, I thought I was going to fuse to the sidewalk today, but I love how I could be sitting outside right now and still be warm. You can probably tell that Im always talking about our weather if its sunny because we dont typically have great weather, and I love sun!! But yeah sorry for sounding like a weather addict.

Anywayss I've been reading a lot of controversy about Kristen Stewart's choice of shoes at the MTV awards, what do you guys think?
Photo: just jared

To be honest, I would usually detest something like this, but maybe she is just growing on me or something, but I actually think it looks not bad on her.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot Hot Heat

Summer has officially arrived I would say, its been hot for at least 4 days in a row now, yayyy! Today was quite hot, so I decided to walk up to Timmy's for an Icecap =) I love how size large is cheaper than a starbucks tall. What would I ever do without timmys honestly? I was so hot by the time I got home I brought out the mist-er. It's the perfect thing, the mist lightly coats you and then that breeze that was so hot before suddenly feels so refreshing. While laying limp in my comfy lounger chair I decided that I was in definite needs of some new summer items:

1. New bathing suit or two
2. Big floppy hat
3. New sunnies
4. Some type of bronzy shimmer
5. Red lipgloss

I've never been much of a hat fan, but Im tired of the squinting, and somehow they just seemed to grow on me. Since I am so fair, Im going to be looking for a bronzy-ish shimmer, I've tryed the tan lotion things, but does anyone else notice how they all start out smelling nice at the beginning and then they turn gross smelling afterwards and then the smell is all over your clothes? Same base ingredient I guess, but I couldn't stand it. Andd since I dont think I can pull of the bright bold red, Im gonna go for the slightly less intense glazy gloss =)

Dont forget about the contest!