Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wearing Your Vitamins

Since it was kind of sunny today, it completely excited me for the hope that summer is on its way, even though it doesnt feel like it, the sun just makes me feel excited. It made me think of my favorite summer things, a lot of that includes food items, but I also love going to the beach and getting to wear cute bathing suits, or summery clothes. I definitely love Vitamin A suits, these were some of my favorites that I found recently. They are pretty pricey, but I bought one last year and got it on sale for only about $60 (both top and bottom) originally priced at $140, mine is a pretty tourqoisey color, slightly darker than the tourqoise in these ones. Now if only I could be as tanned as this model..haha =(


zoeeeee said...

tanned and toned... sigh

Alya said...

they're soooo gorgeous.. more like candy and not vitamins! I want all of them! (including her body!)

Rumi said...

I've wanted one of their ring bottoms forever! SO cute.