Monday, April 21, 2008

Thrifting Blunders

I must admit Im fairly new to the thrifting world, sadly I suffer from a slight germophobia, and the thought always freaked me out a little. But I know that there are amazing thrift finds to be found, so Ive decided to stop being a stupid and get with it. So today I checked out a few thrift stores.. the only thing is, everything seemed seriously overpriced to me. All the shoes I saw were at least $30.. belts for like $15 and up, and I saw this really cute skirt and it was $98 for a brand I had never even heard of! Most of the skirts were $35 ish though. I just kind of expected to be finding better deals, and I went two different ones today.
So I was wondering how much you guys spend on an average skirt or belt.. shoes?

Later today I checked out the H&M website, they had this dress which I totally love, so even though Ive just been to H&M Im going to have to go again soon. After visiting the website, I had an urge to shop online, it's really frustrating how you can't shop online in english, so I decided to struggle through in German.. since I dont speak any German, I gave up quite quickly. Now off to watch Gossip Girl, which is finallly returning tonight, Yay!


Anonymous said...

when i lived in michigan you could find a great dress for under $5, a belt for around $3 and shoes ranged from 3 - $10 depending on the wear.
now I live in LA and prices arent even remotely close to that. there is a difference between "vintage" and "thrift" vintage store owners believe since they have done the work of seperatelt the crap from the gems, they can charge more for it. a finders fee if you will.
i guess there is nothing wrong with this, just make sure what you are buying is worth what you are paying for. be careful of rips and stains and serious wear. if a garment is on the verge of disintegration, it may not be the best choice to pay over a couple bucks for it.

R said...

See that's what I figured, that I should be finding stuff for like $5. I mean I saw walmart flats for like $15.. if I wanted to I could goto walmart and buy those brand new for the same price.

The Vancouverista said...

thrifting has gotten seriously expensive the last few years since everyone decided that 'vintage' is a trend
it sucks but bargains can still be had if you're willing to look!

Benedicte said...

Cool dress!

JuliAM said...

oh my god i HAVE to have that dress...why oh why doesn't h&m have an online store for us (pulling hair out)!!!

Anonymous said...

We have a thrift store by us that sells clothing and shoes for $1 a peice. But we also have others, that sell tops from $3 - $5, dresses $5 - $10, shoes for $3 - $10, pants for $5 - $10... Good luck. :)

Margherita. said...

Cute dress.

I've always had some issues with thrifting. Now I just wash things well and all that. And I'm very careful about what things I choose...nothing with an old lady stench. It bothered me a few years ago, but now not so much. Can't pass up the good finds.