Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hi everyone, just a little update, I've been on vacay for a little over a week now, Just finished margaritas and sangria at this cute little restaurant! Still have a few more days, we started out at home and drove down through Washington and all along the Oregon coast and the tip of northern Cali. Now we are driving back up through Portland for some tax free shopping! I could really get used to no tax! Im writing from my iPhone now so I will give a better update after I get home! Plus I need to read up on everyones blogs, wifi hasn't been that good along the coast!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sea Creatures

Ive been meaning to show these pictures of some of my latest additions to my jewelry collection, I didnt even realize I was starting a sea creature theme, but now that I think of it Im becoming really drawn to them, especially starfish!
The first picture is of my ring, it has a starfish on one side and a seahorse on the other, I tried to take the photos at a few different angles because the stone changes so many different colours in different light! I still wasnt really able to capture it all.
The second picture is just a little starfish necklace I picked up awhile ago! Perfect for summer
 photos by me =)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hay guys, it feels like forever since I've posted, probably because it has been so long now! I've been procrastinating but mostly because my computer is barely functioning, I really do not have much patience for slowness and when everything is 'not responding' I give up rather quickly. I have felt so out of the loop not checking up on any of my usual websites or blogs!

I hope everyone is having a good summer so far, our summer has definitely not been the best weatherwise, so I really try to take advantage of any sunny day we have. Im going on a vacation next week to Oregon, its my first time going so I hope we get some good weather! Also hoping for some tax free goodness of shopping, after going to the US a couple of days ago and seeing over $12 deal on some flipflops that I bought and saving over $50 on my nike runners Ive vowed to never buy shoes here that I can buy there because for some reason Canada refuses to give us deals. This drive me crazy!!

Anyways I wanted to post these photos awhile ago but the thought of uploading was just hopeless but for some reason my computer has decided to give me a little breather and function at a rather normal pace. I think Daria has the right idea.. her vacation looks so awesome, plus I love that simple white tank.
photos:studded hearts
Oh and I finally upgraded to the new and improved blogger/poster settings, what the heck was I ever still doing with that old version?