Saturday, November 28, 2009


Guess its technically not Friday anymore, but Im still awake so it feels like it. I could not be more happy that the weekend is here and I finally have a free weekend to do whatever I like. This will most likely include a lot of sleep. I also cannot wait for winter break, I've been having tests almost everyday, and its just not fun.

This weekend though I plan to really get into my Christmas spirit, put up some lights, Christmas tree, put some Christmas music on, maybe buy some presents and have a starbucks Christmas drink =) Also paint my nails red and burn my Christmas tree smelling oil from bath and body works (so amazing its like I have a room full or christmas trees)

So my last weeks shopping experience went well. I found a super chunky scarf at Zara, and got a couple of things at the brand new Forever 21, our first Forever 21. And let me just say, wow, I was seriously impressed. I expected the usual tornado/natural disaster of a store, and to my absolute amazement, it was neat! and items were sized!! I never knew this type of F21 existed, maybe I was just going to bad ones in the US? I also could not believe the size of it, two whole floors, much larger than the little ones I've been visiting. Also prices, surprisingly not that much more than in the US.
Think I might get a couple of necklaces from there:

I cant remember if they were these exact ones, but something similar, Im really liking the 'tangled' messy looking necklaces right now. I want to thankyou for the tips on trying to make pictures larger too, Im trying to fight my computer inept self through that process right now, we'll see how it works out.
I really hope to do some more posting and getting back to more emails or comments as soon as Im out of school, even though I dont get back to all my emails and comments, I really love reading every single one :)
PS - Did you guys get any amazing Black Friday deals!? I wish Canada would learn from you guys, most of our sales suck.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


photo: stockholm streetstyle
Love this necklace! (ps- you can click to make it bigger, I wish I knew how to enlarge photos)

Hope you guys are all doing well, I've been so swarmed with this one stupid project, thank goodness its due tommorow then I can get it off my mind. Then Friday Im going shopping, yayy! Apparently Aritzia is supposed to be having some awesome sale, lets hope it is! Also hoping this terrible weather stops because a) I feel like my house is going to blow down b) I dont want to be swimming in puddles and waves while trying to shop downtown!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


The more shots I see of models after the Dior show, the more I completely loveeeee that shade of red! Not to mention her sweater looks really cozy too.

Photo: stockholm streetyle

I finally have a night off from homework, not really, but nothing is due tommorow =) Still seriously craving a shopping trip downtown and some cactus club! I was just on Zaras website and they have a new lookbook filled with some seriously awesome looking items, tops, shoes, cardigans, and a possible perfect furry vest! You have to check it out if you havent already. I hope the items I like are still available when I can finally get there!

Not that a furry vest would be very practical right now, we've been having the shittiest weather, heavy rain and wind like everyday, payback I guess for that nice September and half of October. I think I might have to cave and buy some waterproof footwear, I swear for living in such a rainy city I am so ill-prepared.
Also debating if I should buy some Olmpics tickets since I have the entire time off school while they are here...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No Words...

So I dont think it comes as any surprise that Im kind of obsessed with badass acc's, I think its probably my biggest weakness, especially rings! So naturally when I saw these new items on Made Her Think, I almost had a mini heart attack..(sorry about all the white space) And they know include bags!

Check out more on their website they have shield rings and butchers chain necklaces, its ridiculous!

Hope you guys all had a good halloween, Im actually more excited that its over so I can now start to look forward to christmas. I have to get to starbucks, apparently they have the christmas cups out now, I actually get really excited for christmas cups, weird I know.

Now Im going to have a nap, yes, at 2 in the afternoon.