Friday, May 30, 2008

Downtown -- things will be great when you're Downtown.. la la la

Well thing sadly, we're not as great as I had hoped.. my friends were kind of getting on my nerves -_- It is a long story and I wont bore you with any details, I plan to make another trip down in a couple of weeks (next payday =P) that will hopefully be better!
Even though things weren't super fun I did of course by a few things, all at H&M, I didnt really get to many stores as part of the friend issue. So I bought..
-Super cute floral top
-Beige shirt, with rolled up cuff type sleeves
-Black and off-white(I think haha can't quite remember it could be grey) dress, its like really thick stripes
-silver bangles
I went to urban outfitters hoping to buy some minnetonkas, but there was none, then I saw these and was thrilled! Only to be dissapointed because my size was not available.

Then I saw these! Also super cute but also no size available! V

It's so frustrating, this is what happens when you only have one Urban Outfitters in the entire province. Also might I add that the new H&M downtown was ridiculously busy!! 20 person long line-ups at all three fitting rooms! Then I tortured myself by looking in browns shoes, and fell in love with these Michael Kors heels, I didnt even look at the price because I knew it would only depress me lol!
I did find a couple of items at Aldo Liquidation, around $220-ish boots on sale for $130 plus 30% off, I didn't buy them because..they were almost knee high black heeled boots and probably wouldnt get much summer wear out of them.. however Im thinking it might be worth to buy and store because they were super hot and a pretty good deal.. what do you think?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lazy/Work Days

Such a lazy day, as a lot of my summer days have been lately haha. After work I just get so tired, soo I had a nap, I really make myself sound like 60 dont I?
Anyways tommorow will hopefully be fun, going on a shopping trip downtown, and cannot wait! I surely will not come back empty handed, I will post tommorow my new purchases =)

Also today in my boredom I was browsing through some mka photos, I never get tired of looking at their outfits.. so these are a few of my faves of the day!
(Rocking pretty much all black looks ^ V )(So lovely and breezy, litterally)(I absolutely loveee this look for MK-fave in a long time, its different from her usual, although this was taken awhile ago, I just want to mimic it completely!)(At Kate Hudsons halloween party.. is it just me or is this a little creepy lol? Ash and MJ)

p.s Anyone know how to make photos any bigger?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gucci Boots

I was quite a fan of Gucci Fall 08, but what automatically stood out for me was the killer boots! Suprise right? Since Im so obsessed with shoes lately. I think these first ones have to be my faovirite, those little pyramid studs are to die for, I also had to include that bag at the very end because it is also Super hot! I love the bags you can fold over like that.

(All photos from Im going to try to include where I got my photos from now on, and want to say that I have taken basically all fashion photos from somewhere, and am not taking credit for any of them =) )

Not anything to exciting otherwise, I never got back to the value village sale yesterday, I checked online at locations and they were either to far away or located in scary areas haha. This friday though I will be going shopping downtown, yay finally, lets just hope it doesnt rain, but I shall be checking out the new H&M which is apparently super big =o ooh la la! Also urban outfitters since that is it's only location, and of course my new favorite Aldo Liquidation, pretty much the best shoe place ever in my mind right now, it has ridiculously cheap prices for aldo! Oh and Saturday I will hopefully be going to an amusement park, its pretty lame ride wise, but oh well they are still rides!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Value Village Sale!

So today I checked out the Value Village 50% off sale, It was totally packed with people and had lots of items to choose from! I was definitetly on the hunt for floral dresses, but sadly the ones I chose were either not fitting correctly or just didn't look as good on me as they did on the hangers. But all was not lost I ended up buying...:
-Longish floral skirt, which I plan on turning into a dress and belting, 4.00 so I got it for 2.00 Yay!
-Brown woven belt, also ended up being 2.00
-Leather tourqoisey purse, smaller than I usually like, but awesome color so I couldnt resist! also 2.00
-Lastly this grey dress, its different, It has a hood and a zipper half way down the front, probably more of a fall type dress, but only 5.00!
I feel like I should go to a different one tonight.. just because everything is ridiculously cheap! Well we'll see, if you guys didnt go, you should find one near you and run down there asap!! The sale is only on today =(

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Latest Obsession

Sorry of lack of posts, after my friends birthday on friday I got home pretty late, and yesterday I had work all day and then went straight to the movies to see Indiana Jones, it was good, but my new fave movie still has to be Iron Man!! For my friends birthday I wore dark wash skinny jeans, my black payless wedges, this flowly almost see-through (wore a tank under) teal colored top I got from target and my black Michael Kors jacket.
Alsoo.. basically I become more and more obsessed with shoes everyday, but my lastest sub-category for shoe obsession(I pretty much get a new one everyday) is wooden heels! Aldo had these reallly awesome one's awhile back but I couldnt find a picture of them. But I made a little collage of some other cute ones.. the ones on the left are all from aldo and the right ones are nine west. I really really love the nine west wedge gladiators.. Im trying to decide whether they are worth $110 or so..
what do you think? Im trying to consider how much I will wear them.. and am unsure of the comfort level.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quick Updatee!

Not much to say today, slept half the day away, watched transformers on tv.. went to work.. got home just awhile ago lol. Pretty lazy day minus work, which was pretty fun, since my manager wasn't on =)
Im going out to dinner tommorow for a friends bday and having a hard time deciding what to wear, but Im hopefully going to have a picture to post from it.

Oh yeah.. and I had to mention my latest obsession.. for some reason all of a sudden Ive been loving super chunky-ish? boots, eg balenciaga style, almost ugly when looked at directly, they've somehow become irrisistable to me..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pocket Full of Posey

Recently I found these photos of Clemence Posey, and I totally loved them, so I thought I would share. I think I especially love the cool lighting!
Anyways about my situation from a couple posts, I have decided to goto my cabin, since it is much more organized and pretty much all planned out! I will have to hope that next years Pemberton Festival will have good people! Also my mom was hinting we could possibly get one of those cool water trampolines that I have wanted since I was like 7! Better late than never right? So hopefully that little dream will come true, because I tend to cling to every exciting idea that comes along haha.
I also still need ideas for decent cameras? My normal camera is still kind of weird, still claiming "file errors" I have no idea what that means!? And I tryed to do a self timer with my cell phone today.. it didnt end well.. I did wear my new payless wedges today, super comfy btw! And Im also already over-wearing the scarf my aunt brought me from egypt. Im trying to get piks I promisee!

Oh, and if someone wouldn't mind telling me how to do that cool little link thing where I decide a random word can be clicky and link you somewhere, Yes Im kind of computer-slow sometimes, I hope that made sense..

p.s I have created an email for my blog, so you can now email me at I really love to hear from you guys through comments, or now perhaps email if you like? =D

Monday, May 19, 2008

Grow Legs, Grow!

Usually I dont want to be taller, I already feel tall considering my tallest friend is struggling for 5'4, and Im probably around 5'6 now. But when I see these amazing photos, it seriously makes me want longer legs. Does Daria not look amazingg?

Oh yeah and I "made" a new header, likes?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Total Lazyness

Does anyone else get extremely lazy in the heat? It has been soo hot this weekend, not that Im not loving it, got a slight sunburn while sitting in the car and in the shade! But I pretty much just sat around outside all day yesterday, went to my aunts house which was super hot. I got to see her pictures of egypt, greece and turkey, absolutely lovely, and I seriously need to go on a vacation myself. She brought back a couple of bracelets and scarves for my mom and I. She also got this really cool, woven type leather jacket, I had never seen anything like it, which made it pretty awesome in my mind.
On friday, sipped some icecaps (Love, what would I do without my Timmys) and got a pedi =)

I really didnt wear anything too exciting, when I get super hot I tend to throw all fashion sense out the window and wear as little as possible, tastefully of course. So I basically spent my weekend in some plain shortshorts and tanks. Its already supposed to turn to rain tommorow though, but hay its been a recording breaking long weekend, may long weekend has litterally the baddest weather history ever, so I guess we cant complain!

Anyways this is a pretty lazy ish post, im so sleepy for some reason, but Im gonna take pictures of my cool new scarves tommorow, and will probably have something more interesting news when Im more with it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay For The Weekend!/Need Advice!

So Im super excited for this weekend, because the weather people have promised us super warm weather, 30c expected for friday/saturday. We got a little taste of it today with maybe an 18c or so sunny day. If they are wrong though, seriously my hopes will be crushed. I cant decide what Im going to do, but it will hopefully involve shorts and icecaps!
Hopefully I will have some weekend pictures to share with you all, since my normal camera is still being stupid.. I was considering possibly buying a new one, I wanted to ask for some suggestions, for a really good but not over $200 camera, so any advice please share, anyone can leave comments =)

Now to my other predicament.. There is a music festival a few hours away from moi, sounds pretty fun, located in a nice spot, about 20 min past Whistler woowoo. Has some pretty good artists, Coldplay, The Tragically hip, Death cab for cutie, and Jay Z to name a few. But heres the deal, it kind of occurs during my already planned trip to our cabin. Which is also nice, also warm, located right on a lake.. So I dont know what to do lol!? The festival is near the end of my cabin trip, but it would still be really awkward to suddenly get from one place to another..

Which would you do? I just realized there is going to be humungo fireworks that weekend as well, its a huge event with tonsssssss of people, leaving you so packed you can hardly move.. but it's fun. Gosh why does everything happen on the same weekend?

Also song Im totally replaying over and over right now: Coldplay: Violet Hill
Lovess, you should totally Itunes it =)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Full List

So Ive been kinda lazy the past couple of days and for some crappy reason I keep getting headaches, not fun! Anyways I never went into the full detail of all the items I bought so here it is.
-Black MK blazer, loveee!
-two MbMJ sunnies
-navy short
-plain white tank, as my old one isnt as white as it once was lol
-flowy ish skirt, kinda an impulse buy since it was only $3
-plain black flip flops
-set of squarey shaped bangles
-Also this tropically scent and too cute spray that purrs when you pick it up from victorias secret lol. They also had their yummy smelling lip glosses on sale so I bought a couple of those, I have a feeling its going to be that type of lip gloss you just lick off cause it tastes so good. Oh and some other lotion stuff.
I kind of expected to buy more, but I tryed to control myself a little asking myself what I really needed. Also I was in need of some basics. I was kinda dissapointed though when I went to urban outfitters and no minnetonkas ankle booties =( I'll have to stay on the search.

Since the weather has been SO depressing, its been raining straight for over 24hrs now.. Im seriously hoping the weather people are right when they are telling us tommorow through most of the weekend is supposed to be hot and sunny! In spirit of my desperation for summery weather I thought I would share these warm looking piks =)

(Can I please frolick through a field of flowers..)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shopping Recap

After three days of non-stop shopping Im kinda glad to be back. Shopping from 10am to 10pm get's kind of hard on your feet =) I didn't post yesterday just since I got home kinda late and was super tired. Today was tiring as well, work left me with a very uncomfortable headache. Anyways I did buy lot's of new items, although I managed to control myself to not go to spend-crazy. I have to say one of my new loves is Marshall's, there are no locations around where I usually goto when visiting the US, but a couple happened to open up and the deals to be had were amazing. I got my most favorite purchase there. An awesome black Michael Kors springish type jacket, marked down like 4 times to only $29.99! I also got two pair of MbMJ sunnys, for major steals. And lastly a skirt for $3... seriously deals like this are nowhere to be found in Canada. I will blog more soon about my other purchases, and hopefully get some pictures.. But I just cant even think right now because this headache is killing me =(
byebye for now =)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Rogan for Target

As Im sure you all have heard Rogan Gregory is going to be designing for target. Im exciting for the fact that it's supposed to be all eco-friendly. Gotta do what we can for our environment right? Anyways these were a few of my faves looks from what Ive seen so far. However, it's to bad that it wont be available untill the 18th of May because Im in the US right now! Oh well I guess I'll just have to go back.

(Mainly loving the blazers, but the black pants look cute as well)(Love that vest!)(The top looks so comfyyy)

Which do you guys like best so far?

Tommorow Im back from the US, see you guys then =)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

You've got Male

Yes, like my little pun from beyond? I hope this actually worked.. it's kinda cool to think Im shopping right now and this post is being posted. Anywayss...

So I've had a few inspirational posts on my blog, but I've never featured any guys, and I dont know why I haven't because a lot of the time when I decided what to wear or buy, guys are in mind. My main male inspiration has to be Johnny Depp, If I were a guy.. I would like to dress like him haha. Other's I like are Orlando Bloom and Heath Ledger =( rip heath. I know that Im only focusing on popular celebs. There are others.. but we'll save that for another post =)
These are just some collages I put together of some of my fave looks from them!

So do you guys have any male inspiration?
Btw another post is scheduled for tommorow!

(Love his inner piratey-ness. Oh and I know that first one doesnt have much clothing involved.. but it was too pretty not to put in there)
(I had to stick in that picture of him and kate as well, because seriously how cute is that?)
(I couldn't find as many good photos of heath.. But I love those red sunnies!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shop Till' I drop

So Im going away for the weekend, well Thursday, Friday and Sat for a huge shop in the US =) Im superrrr duper excited since I've been retaining myself from shopping the past week, trust me its been HARD lol! Usually we shop 10-10. Let's hope Im fit enough to keep myself going this long. Okay I have to be honest I kind of killed my week long anti-shop today. I went to walmart to get some cushie things to put in my flats and ended up seeing a whole bunch of leggings on sale for $2! You know I cant resist a sale like that, so I bought black and navy plus some textured brown ones. Then later my mom was throwing out some old stuff and she was about to throw out these printed scarves! Of course I didn't let that happen! (Sry bad quality.. this is still my cell phone camera =( )

So Im going to attempt this scheduled post thing, and hopefully If Im successful there will be another post waiting for you guys tommorow! =) Let's test out my computer skills..

Hopefully when I get back I will have loads of new items to share about.. now I have to go pack.. Im feeling very disorganized.. but that's me leaving everything to the last minute =) Oh yeah and my aunt gets back tommorow.. so hopefully that means I'll have some other cute new items she brought back from her vacation. After she messaged us telling about the 4,000 shop market I will be extremely sad if she came back empty handed! Oh well untill saturday, bye guys =D

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fringing Obsessions

So I've been pondering about purchasing some Minnetonkas for quite some time now, and I seem to be seeing them everywhere I look. Im taking this as a sign, and will hopefully purchase some this weekend =) I just cant decide.. brown or black? I will probably be going with the short ones since it's summer time, I can obsess over the taller ones once fall arrives. Oh Im also liking these Jeffrey Campbell boots, they totally remind me of a more attainable version of Sienna Millers Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots <3 I seriously want her boots!

Did everybody have a good weekend? I actually had two days of no rain, It was amazing, I had some bubble icecream at the beach, and saw Iron man twice, I love that movie! haha

p.s- was gossip girl not so awesome? I was totally unprepared for Serenas secret, cant wait till next week!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Better Than Ever

Lately I've been reading lot's of harsh reviews on poor Mischa, she's fat, what happened? etc. I felt really bad for her that she got snapped in one unflattering photo, because I know we all have them, except she had to get such a hard time for it. Seriously, the next thing you know mags are going to be calling nicole fat. It's getting to be a bit much. But anyway I think these photos prove that she still looks amazing! I especially love the black and white photos.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Looks of Coachella

It's funny, this is the first year Ive even heard of Coachella, I guess I was sadly out of the loop being up here in Canada. From what I understand though, it seems like a pretty big deal, not to mention totally fun looking. Took me awhile to even figure out what it was haha. Anyways, I saw a whole bunch of piks from coachella on and these were some of my faves! Any florals automatically won me over, and that girls boots in the first picture, seriously can I have them
=( ?
I know Ive been slacking on the blogs lately, mostly due to lazyness after work and such. Also because I dont have anything to exciting to blog about since Im seriously try hard not to spend any money until my big shopping weekend(next weekend) Yayy! I went out for dinner last night and stuffed myself silly with pizza, which is btw my ultimate weakness. Then today I went to see Iron Man, which was SO awesome, I loved it(I just found out, that if you stayed after the credits there was a preview for the 2nd one, I said it too! but no.. they didnt want to stay, now it's driving me crazy, if anyone knows where I can see the clip I shall heart you=) ). Im turning into a really big action lover.