Sunday, April 20, 2008

My First Free Weekend

Being my first free weekend from school, I decided to celebrate with shopping, more shopping, and lot's of yummy mega calorie goodies. So yesterday I went to H&M, good thing my friend and I got there early because there ended up being lines out the doors of the fitting rooms. In the end I had to try stuff on at a random mirror in the store, so awkward. Anyways I ended up buying:
-Striped dress
-Oversize long cardigan, somewhat inspired by MKA
-Two silver bangles, actually one is black and silver, the other is silver with cut-outs.
Then today I checked out a Winners, also insanely busy, this only reminds me to shop on weekdays, when less pushing and bumping is included.
-I bought a silky type dress with a pattern on it.. Yes didn't I paint a nice image for you there?

Honestly, now that Im out of school I dont even know what to do with myself, and it's only been a weekend, isn't that just typical? I crave to be out of school.. but have no big plans for myself. I will probably be working more, and Im going to be getting into the "healthier" lifestyle, Im thinking I might join those suckers that run everyday. Oh yeah and on some exciting news, my aunt is going on vacation to egypt, greece and turkey, I wish however that was me, but I sent her on the look-out for some cool items, so when she get's back in a couple of weeks, Im really hoping for some funky new pieces to add to my wardrobe =D


Secretista said...

I am with you on this one! I love to be out of school, but once I am out I don't know what to do but eat, ignore my homework, and sleep.

Pinkhead. said...

no worries. yeah I entered my password and so far its been good. I did it because what are they gonna do to my blog? lol.