Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Want..

Yeahh I know that the shoe is retardly tiny, almost to the point of too hard to see, But I couldn't find a better picture haha.. I saw this Aldo Peetoe boot in a magazine though and thought it looked superrr cute, I have yet to see it in the stores, hopefully it looks as fabulous in stores as it did in the magazine. What do you guys think?
So how was everyones long weekend? I made a trip down to the US, more of a "camp" than a shop though, went to a few grocery stores to stock up, thats about it. It wasn't too great of a camping experience because there was a fire ban on, and really what's camping without a camp fire? Not to mention it was so cold I thought it might snow. We tryed to do all the other typical camp things though, much card playing included, I even got into my elderly spirit and played some bingo, it sounds like a 50yr olds weekend, but I assure you it was still fun =)
Now to work tommorow.. and then school on Tuesday... ahhh!
Share your long weekend! I need to hear about all the excitement I can before school is back in effect =(

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dun Dun Dunn..100!

So I realize it is quite sad that after I've been blogging for so many months, it is only now that I reach my 100th post, nontheless, its still exciting. I must say how much I've enjoyed blogging though, I love being able to communicate with people from all over, blogging is the perfect way to express whatever you want. For me, I don't find any of my real life friends quite share the same passion for fashion that I do, so I love being able to connect with all you other fashionistas out there. Checking blogs and discovering new ones has become a daily must. In comparison with many other fashion bloggers, I really know very little about the fashion world, but I love learning and finding out new little tidbits from you guys everyday! So thank-you fellow bloggers.

As Im reflecting my relatively few posts for this amount of time I realize I need to make a couple new goals for myself, including more posts, and outfit photos! Now that I have my camera fixed and school is right around the corner I wont be having as many lounging in pj's and shorts type days, and will be forced to become less lazy.

Now since I have all you guys thinking about back to school/fall.. check out this jacket..

Elizabeth and James Puffer coat (and "quite the puff it is," as the website states). $695. A change from the typical North Face type puff.. I want.. but will not be getting due to the price tag =(

Monday, August 25, 2008


So my weekend was pretty intense, both friday and saturday involved nonstop shopping till the point where I was so exhausted. But it was worth it, I dont go to the US often enough, so I always enjoy it. I got a new pair of dark wash skinny's for the back to school season, also some plain black skinny pants, in this perfectly soft material, oh and did I mention only $14? I love Nordstrom rack <33
Then it was back to work, which has become more and more of a pain due to my manager -_-

I finished up the weekend by going to a fair today, I know its not techinically a weekend, but whatever, I cant keep my days straight when Im not in school. Today involved mucho eating, I cant resist all the mini donuts at fairs.

I also found more pictures of Taylor Momsen modeling, I can't help but really start to love this girl.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just A Little Update

I have just been working the past couple of days, not so exciting. I did do a litte bit of shopping on a cloudy day. I went to H&M, I feel like Im still kinda waiting for their complete fall collection to arrive, but it was better than last time. I got this long sleeved mixed floral top, a flannel crinkly plaid shirt, so excited to wear this for the cool days, which are clearly coming faster than I would like(I could see my breath yesterday, and that was in the middle of the afternoon!) And also just a plain white burnout type tee. Im finally going back to the US for a shop tommorow too. I will be quite the power shop, but I really want to hit the stores I dont usually get to visit. I probably dont "need" anything.. but I just want more you know? Anyways Im soo sleepy soo goodnight =)

Oh and I recently saw these new photos of Nicole Richie in the upcoming issue of Glamour. I think she looks super cute! What do you guys think

photos from

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yet Another Festival

While cruising the new and improved, (what do we think of this change btw?), I stumbled across photos from yet another festival, The All Points West Festival, which I had never heard of until now. So here they are, why do people always looks so simple yet chic at festivals?

I can't really even pick a favorite, they all have their perks in my opinion. Which do you guys like?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hot and Cold

I do hope this entry makes sense, as the heat has practically knocked me unconcious, litterally Im miserably hot to the point where I dont know what to do, and fans are useless do to the fact they are only blowing around equally hot air. I went to a local lake yesterday, which worked out perfectly since yesterday was also insanely hot. We swam in the lake, and saw little fishies. We also went to some waterslides. I can seriously say I haven't been to waterslides since I was probably 12 or 13 years old, the reunion was fun, but somewhat bittersweet because today I woke up stiff necked. Haha yeah so sad your thinking, what am I like 50? I assure you I am not =)

As searching the web today I stumbled across these random photos...

I cant help but become more and more obsesssed with Chanel Iman, seriously how cute is she? And she makes those Loubs look so cute!But Tyra, oh Tyra... what is this? The hair ohhh no, and that dress, so unflattering!

Two bottom photos from

Also has anyone else been enjoying watching the olympics? Im totally obsessed and I never watched any sports on tv ever. I cant get enough of the swimming, that Michael Phelps is pretty amazing with all his record breaking, and he looks pretty damn good in his suit. Since I've been enjoying this so much, I've decided I really must attend some winter olympic events when they will be so close to me. It's sure gonna set me back though, opening ceremony tickets can cost you as much as $1100... soo looks like Im saving my paychecks haha.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shopping, yayy!

I've only been to the mall once practically the whole summer, and It was pretty disappointing when I did go. But still I've been in total shopping withdrawal, it's hard for me to go so long without spending money. So today I took a quick trip downtown, it was ridiculously hot out, so we were hoping downtown would be cooler. Luckily it might have been about a 2 degree dip!

Anyway we didn't have time to goto many stores, but I finally got some minnetonkas! When basically only one store carries them in your whole area, they sell out quickly. We also popped into Aritizia, and to my amazing surprise they actually had good sales. If anyone knows Aritzia, you will also know their "sales" are usually about 5.00 off the orignal price. But today they were actually what I consider a sale. I got a couple of the wilfred tanks, regular about 50.00, I got them for 19.99 and 14.99! It's such a rip off otherwise, because they are so thin, I love the thin-ness, just not for 50.00 if you know what I mean! Super super soft too. Lastly we had dinner on the Earls outdoor patio, which was the absolute perfect temperature and setting to end the day, we had nice frozen drinks and I had a tasty asian noodle bowl thing.
The perfect downtown day =)
The minnetonkas I ended up with, except mine have the little seashell things around the top where the braid is. I kind of thought originally that I liked the tramper ones, but they didn't have those, so I got these ones =)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Add Another To The List..

So sleepy today, last night our culdesac of houses had a little party, that ended up going way later than I ever expected, anyways even after an 1130 sleep in I was still pretty tired. But it was fun and there was lots of food. Today I also got lost in a new, ridiculously large Walmart.

Anyways I know that every celebrity living practically has a clothing line, perfume, shoes, whatever, and let's face it, most are a complete joke. But when I heard about Rachel Bilson teaming up with DKNY I couldn't help but become excited just because I absolutely adore Rachel, she looks cute in basically anything. I heard about it so many months ago though, I never really thought she went through with it. Butt when I saw the lastest ad, my excitement instantly came rushing back. I was lucky enough to find a few previews floating around the internet.

(The ad in magazines, I wasn't all that crazy about this though)(These photos came attached together, the left is just a picture of her wearing her own clothing, the right is from the collection)The yellow dress Im really loving, as it looks like this absolute dream that rachel wore about a year ago.

The other good thing is that all the stuff is supposed to be priced between 19.50 and 49.50, which I would definitely call pretty reasonable. She also stated that she wanted it to be fairly reasonable to "show people that you don't have to pay a million dollars for clothes that look good," I agree Rachel, I agree =)

Photos from

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Walking Tall

So after reading this months people style watch, I came across the article about super high heels. It got me thinking how high is too high, and still considered wear-able? As much as I think these 5.5" heels look super hot, making legs look impossibly long, I honestly dont think I could do it. Maybe if I was going to a dinner only thing so walking was super minimal? But For now I think my limit will be 4". Soo what do you guys think, whats your limit?
Gwyneth Paltrow seems to like rocking the super highs. Pictures found from google and neimanmarcus, last two are both Louboutins.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Steal Those Shoes

These are seriously my latest shoe obsession since Mk's ankle balenciaga boots.

I just can't get enough of these Maison Margiela shoes. I need some serious cut-outs in my shoes this fall im telling you. I've already seen these black leather velcro peeptoe aldo boots in a magazine that look totally cute, unfortunately I can't quite find a picture of them online yet, when I do, I shall post. If anyone else knows of some cute cut-out boots share, share =)
Now Im gonna watch my friends rerun and goto sleep. After over two weeks without work, todays shift totally did me in haha.
Oh and if you would like to see a super cute video click good cop, baby cop

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Shopping Reunion

So today was a pretty quiet day, just hung out with some fam and went to pick up my contacts. I went to pick them up only to practice putting them in and out, because last time I was sitting in the place for the two most miserable hours of my life. Afterwards I looked like I was on drugs, because my eyes were so red and sore. Horribly not-fun, but Im really hoping I can get better because glasses do get annoying from time to time.

Yesterday though I did go shopping, it was so long overdue, after my no-shopping vacation I was in serious withdrawal. The mall didn't seem to be as exciting to me as it once was, perhaps the new fall stuff hasn't quite arrived? I dont know, anyone else feel this way? I was rather impressed by The Gap though, after seeing spreads of their new fall collection(featured a few posts down), I was kind of excited. A few years ago I wouldn't have ever really payed attention to Gap, but this time I made probably one of my first real purchases. Its a seriously soft sweater, that I made oversized by getting it in xl, can't wait to wear it on those freezing cold days! But don't worry Im not saying I want the serious cold days quite yet! As Im sure you all know, Richard Chai for Target also came out yesterday, pretty excited to check that out, theres a couple things I've already seen in some magazines that caught my eye.
Also as I was trying on a pair of heels, my mom mentioned to me that she thought jeans and heels were somewhat trashy.. *gasp* mom =o. This doesn't work to well since I happen to love the look of denim and heels, how shall I ever convince mom my way!?

Now back to gap, I also loved their fall/winter 08 ads, am I the only one who finds these much more appealing than usual? I also think Im falling love with black and white all over again. II think I love Clemence and Julia's photos the best, but like I said before I do like all of them =) Oh yeahh and um who is that dude?? (Hugh Dancy as the photo states) Never heard of him.. but uh he's pretty cute haha ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thoughts of School =(

I really wanted to get a good post in today, but I've been so busy trying to pick my classes for school in the fall. Honestly it's not a job I enjoy doing, trying to get all the good times and profs and making sure all your classes match up nicely without overlapping. Not to mention I wasn't able to register right away, and it ended up being kind of late, so the picking sucks! Okay enough rant, I saw these photos a couple days ago and was serious surprised. Its Taylor Momsen, little Jenny from gossip girl? I must say, her look to me, was always fairly average. But these are some photos of her with IMG and I must say I was seriously impressed because I really like these photos. Photos from oceanupSo what do you guys think of little Jenny Humphrey?
I cant believe shes only like 15 or something.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The detailss

So I was pretty tired yesterday and didn't fill in many details about my vacay. I did take a few pictures, but got more lazy with the camera than I expected. But yay, it finally works! I did get a tan, Im sure others would not consider it to be a tan, but hay Im as white as this background so anything is tan to me. I spent pretty much everyday floating on my inflatable chair in the sunshine =) Unfortunately I still feel like Im riding waves though hahah, thats kind of a pain. I think I also overdosed on icecream, mm =) We had campfires on the beach and saw bats, my cabin is pretty much the only place where this happens, for me anyway. I also pretty much got eaten alive by misquitos, I seem to be some kind of attraction for them. Lastly, I witnessed some pretty creepy thunderstorms, but for some reason Im still fascinated by them haha. Oh and I saw a bear! It was just his behind, but still, a bear!! =) Here are just a few photos of my trip anywayy, sorry no photo's of me though, all I wore was bathing suits and sweat pants at night haha, stylish I know. The view from our deck.. ahh if only I could wake up to this everyday.These 2 are from a late night beach fire =) Ignore all the times, they're all wrong haha.
A storm that came upon us, you could totally see the rain coming, enabling us to get back to shelter in time =)
Sparklers fun!!

Now that my main vacation is over with and August is upon us, I can't help but think about back to school/fall shopping. So in the next few days Im going to be making some of my lists and august picks! So keep checking back, and I hope you guys make some lists for me to check out too =D