Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Dark Spring Inspiration

(Natasha Poly)
(Coco Rocha)
(Jessica Stam)
(Maryna Lincuk)
(Sessilee Lopez)
So.. I was looking through some photos of my spring inspiration, and realized it was rather dark for spring. Im not totally dark though, I do love turqoise and yellow a lot right now!
Im seriously noticing a pattern here, black pants, and clearly I need a leather jacket. So usually, I come up with a list of items I want when spring or fall arrives. Since my list is extremely long, I'll probably have to cut down.. or work a lot more.
-More dresses =)
-Florals.. probably in the skirts or dresses
-wedge sandals
-flat sandals and flip flops
-Belts (for tying)
-leather jacket
-some flat ankle boots.. perhaps minnetonkas? black or brown? hmm
-Something to hang my necklaces on
Yeahh my list isnt exactly detailed.. and I keep adding stuff to it everyday, not to mention I can't stick to the list because I'll find something not on it tommorow that I want to buy.
Anyways what's on your guys' list?


Andy said...

You have no idea how much i love stam. she's gorgeous! i love what she's wearing and Mk too. :)

j'aimetamere said...

Yay! Dark spring, I'm just the kind of person who wears darks in spring so I'm glad that I'm not the only one. My picks for this spring? Obviously florals..mostly on dark backgrounds, high, high wedge sandals, leather jackets, light wash denim cutoffs and crisp plain white tee's

vogued out!!! said...

If you dont have them already , you may want to try the havaianas flip flops, they have all sorts of colors like the yummy yellow pair that I own.

R said...

j'aimetamere- let me know if you find cute stuff off your list because I want all of those itmes too!
vogued out- I do have a pair of havaianas, pink and lime green with flowers, super bright and out there haha, I just might have to get more!

NewlyInspired said...

Cute cute cute!! Very inspirong ms co co

capturedlife said...

i so love stam a coco
great blog btw

because im addicted said...


jenny h. said...

loveee all of these girls outfits.
stam and mary-kate are amazing :)