Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Finally home.. no internet for that long kinda put me into some sort of weird withdrawal once I got home, resulting in this 4 hour non-stop catch up of internet. I feel seriously out of the loop on everything! So if I missed out on any ground breaking news, please someone fill me in! When I was away though, I strangely didn't miss the internet all that much, actually enjoyed the whole "wilderness" thing. Okay.. my cabin isn't exactly wilderness, but compared to the city.. well it's wilderness for me hhaha. Anyways I have quite a bit to say, and at the moment Im quite tired.. Yeah its like 11pm, and normally that's my peak time haha. But being away got me into this weird, going to sleep early (before 12am) ritual. Shocking I know.. I never thought this could actually happen to me, but I kinda like it.
Anyways I promise to fill in more tommorow, but as for now Im glad to be back!

Monday, July 21, 2008

To The Lake

I know I said I would be a better blogger like soo many times, and yeah I've been getting pretty lazy in my summer months. But Im afraid I will be taking a fairly large vacation, for me anyway. Im going away tommorow and probably wont be back till the 2nd or 3rd of August. But after that I promise no more lazy dazy, so please dont abandon ship while Im off vacationing! There is a possible chance that I will get wireless at my cabin, but Im really doubting it. Good news though, it seems like my camera has finally been fixed! Yay just in time for vacay, so at least I will have some actual pictures to share! Not that there will be too much fashion involved since I will most likely been spending my days floating around on a lake wearing bathing suits! Hopefully I can actually get a tan!! When I get back I should have more to blog about anyway, ahem, back to school anyone? August is going to be an official non-stop shopping month.

Last years adventure! More to come this year =D I think Im gonna miss checking my blog and all my other regular blogs =(

Anyways Bye till August Guys, the 2nd or 3rd!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Small Smaller Smallest

Ahh I know I said I would be back Wed, Im so bad.. I know I know, but I was just uber lazy, and also preparing for my next great vacation adventure. My camping trip went fairly well, and I did make s'mores! Good thing too because a couple days after we left a campfire ban went on! I did manage an uber-quick shopping pit stop, I snatched up a couple Accessories at the newly opened Charlotte Russe, my first time ever being there. Not much of a fan when it comes to the clothing, but I got a ring and three bracelets/bangles. They were two for $8 how could I resist!?
Today I picked up a new bathing suit top and saw The Dark Knight, I thought it was a really good movie, tons of action and Heath Ledger was amazing as the Joker.. RIP!

So my post for today brings me to the fact that everyone around me seems to be obsessed with the smallest size possible. I feel quite out of the loop and get puzzled responses when I always go for the larger sizes. Pretty much all of my life I have drifted towards oversize clothing, mostly for comfort reasons, now I also prefer this look in many of my fashion tastes. Yet I still find mostly everyone I know prefers their clothes to be uber-tight. Im pretty much sick of hearing "I think you need a smaller size." It's hard sometimes to break out of the prepaved path, but I try my best haha. I also find super tight clothing to sometimes look really awful, super tight pants can give the most toned person love handles, and create the feared muffin top, only to say they can fit into a two rather than a four? Who's going to know anyways? Adding the super tight tops only emphasize this newfound muffin top. I wish a lot of girls would settle for wearing at least a more suitable size, maybe not oversize, but not too small, in a world where so many girls are concerned about their appearance, why cant they realize their super tight clothes are just making the problem worse?
Anyone else agree with me? Feel free to debate if you love your triple extra smalls.
Anyways in the meantime, why don't we all admire these lovely oversized wonders =D

Who does oversize better than Alexander Wang? Well I suppose the Olsen's may come pretty close, both rock the oversize look in my opinion, last photo is model Irina Lazarea.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Results

So I went back to the store today with my mom to ponder about this dress, its been on my mind like crazy the past few days. After discussing it, I decided not to get it =( I know Im going to be sad about it for awhile because it was extremely cute, but for the amount of times I would have gotten to wear it, I would probably also feel quite guilty. My mom also assured me that for the probably $125 I would be spending on it, the cotton-y type material was just not worth the price.
So there, I can sulk about that for awhile until I find a new bigger and better something I want to buy =) I have a good feeling it may involve shoes.

I will be going away for a few days, to the US, camping-ish type stuff and what-not.. don't worry I'll cook you guys a s'more =) I will probably manage to find my way to some stores, it will be difficult but I will try my hardest. Untill.. Wed probably? I will leave you with these ranom photos that I have found through very websites.
xoxo, R

(I love the pixi haircut, and the underwater photos are just so awesome, I love the driving pik too.. just makes me want to do the same sort of thing haha)

Bye guys, enjoy =)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shopping Dilemmas

So after my yesterday trip to our mega-mall I was left with quite a dilemma on my mind. I didn't really buy much, just some pants for work. But while I was in Aritzia I ended up trying on this dress for fun since my friend had a bunch of stuff to try on. I ended up loving it, to my misfortune because it costs $115.. I can't find a picture anywhere because I believe the brand is exclusive to only Aritzia (Wilfred), and Aritzia's website sucks haha. So I will just describe it best as I can. It's kind of an off-white on the top half, I want to say like a sweetheart shaped top? Anyways the bottom half if black, its kind of high waisted where the black runs into the white. That description probably sucked.. Im usually pretty cheap with my dresses.. but what do you think should I buy it for $115?
Im kinda leaning towards buying it, then I can take a picture and you guys can help me decide for real =) but too much or am I just being cheap? haha

I also kinda found a picture of the converse light, yayy

Monday, July 7, 2008

Random Thoughts

As I was walking around the mall the other day, I realized there was quite a broad selection of denim mini skirts. I didn't really give to much thought till later on in one of my many daydreams. So heres the question.. what do we all think of the denim mini skirt? I feel somewhat drawn to it, yet repulsed by it at the same time. Mostly when I see denim mini skirts I think of the pre-teen girls pairing their mini with some overly tight logo-tee and ugg boots, I probably think this because this is basically how they are all worn. But I can also see an olsen wearing a denim mini and being like, hell yeah, I need me one of those!
So what do we think.. leave it for the kids, it can only look good on an olsen twin.. or is it possible to look cute for us regular civilians? If you think its possible.. how would you wear it too make it look different?

Going to the mall tommorow with a friend.. Im feeling quite down from my last trip to the mall, after empty and boring filled stores. Hopefully tommorows mega-mall will restore my faith.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Going Light

Hope you all had a good weekend, I've been working for 6 days in a row now and am completely exhausted and looking forward to my "weekend" the next couple of days. So I bought the latest issue of teen vogue, and I saw an item advertised which I was quite excited about. Converse Light. I know, not the most fashionable, blah, but I like them for a shoe when your just feeling lazy. My issue with converse normally, is that they were so heavy, it just bothered me, so I dont where them very often. But when I saw this "light" version I was so excited. Wish I could have found a picture, but if you have the latest issue of teen vogue you will find them, maybe I'll even go crazy and get a metallic color =o.. nah I'll probably just go with a black haha, but the metallics are kind of cool.
The next thing I noticed once again is another spread of the new gap fall line, which Im pretty excited about. I haven't really ever shopped at gap, nothing really caught my eye, but when I first saw the fall stuff I was shocked when I saw it was from gap. I must admit Im getting pretty excited about my fall clothes, which is so bad considering summer is hardly half way done, why can't I just enjoy it once it's here? Because I definitely don't want homework ;) This is the best picture I could find, but it has been shown in a lot of magazines, I think this months teen vogue as well.

(Picture found from google, I believe this is from a Vogue.. I know I have it in one of my magazines.. but I buy too many I cant possibly keep track haha)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It Ended With A Bang

So I've been pretty busy busy with work lately, but I did still get to celebrate Canaday Day, I worked the morning which was nice, yay time and a half, and then headed straight off to the festivities. It turned out to be the perfect day sunny and hot with a little bit of a breeze. We started out the time by playing a fairly tame game of spoons, it can get pretty vicious for any of you who have ever played this game haha, but we kept that under raps considering we were in a public area and all. I would also like to note that I was totally the defending champion. Anywayss, I went on the octopus ride which was fun, and then we basically just chatted and waited for the fireworks to start. After that we went out for dinner, after only receiving about 4hrs of sleep I had to wake up at 745am for work... ughh =( Oh well.

After almost a complete week of sunshine it ended today with an out of nowhere storm with wind, thunder and the whole deal. Anyways I have some other cool photos that I found awhile ago that I've been wanting to post for awhile now, hope you like =) Because I think these are seriously awesome haha

Flair Italy May 2008, Postmodern by Jean-Francois Campos

Taken from/credit: Foto Decadent