Monday, December 29, 2008

A Hint Of Spring

Glad that all of you guys seemed to have good christmases as well =)
So.. I have been contemplating for awhile now that my christmas present to myself should be a new bag since I've been looking for one for quite some time now. (Yes I need an excuse to buy myself more stuff =) ) Yesterday I was cruising the nordstroms website when I saw these B.Makowsky bags, which immediately brought back sad memories of this black bag that I left behind, and sadly still wish I would have bought. But now Im thinking these might make a good replacement, I would have to make the long journey down to nordstroms to see them in person, to make sure they have the accurate amount of slouchyness, but Im sure they will be just as lovely, considering the softness of the last B.Makowsky bag.. Now I just have the issue of deciding on a color? What do you think? Or.. if I am too much of a wimp to go for color.. I can always fall back on the classic black.

I am probably the worst person to make decisions when it comes to choosing colors.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas- Belated

I hope you guys all had a wonderful christmas and got some lovely gifts! Mine was great, spent time with family, ate way too much, and enjoyed the first white christmas in so long! It's seriously insane, the snow level goes past my knees now, I think its around 45cm, I cant even remember the last time we had this much snow and it stuck around for so long! But it definitely made it feel more like christmas! I took some pictures but need to figure out to load them onto the computer from my new camera ;););)
So how was your guys' christmas? receive anything special?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Quick little update before I rush off to sleep!
Almost a week later and amazingly, still snow! We've been having record insane coldness plus soo much snow! It's incredibly unusual, when we get snow it usual disappears within a few days, but we've had a week straight and yet another to come! As awkward as it has made things, I still love it, with about 15cm or more, it's blanketed just about everything and looks so pretty! So far my holidays have not been exactly "relaxing," I've been working a lot which kind of squashes the whole idea of a winter break, but still all is not bad, and christmas is only a few days away!

Even though I am enjoying the winter.. I cant help but still want these plus a nice relaxing pedi =)..
phot cred: Jak & Jil.. dont they just supply all our best shoe cravings?

Monday, December 15, 2008


It has been so cold these past few days, my mild west coast self is not quite prepared! Honestly, -20c with windchill? East Coast why do we have your weather? It is freezing and Im pretty sure I completely scared my managers when I showed up to work in sweat pants, not to worry normal clothing was underneath, but waiting for public transit in that weather, sweats were required! It's not all bad though, I enjoyed the snow, and slipping around on ice, snow just makes everything pretty! I feel like its somewhat of an adevnture too =) More snow and freezing temperatures to come though, so we'll see how Im feeling after a week in this.. in the meantime.. I could use this:

Alexander Wang knit dress, paired with my huge fluffy scarf, super thick tights, some type of toque, mittens, a huge parka, and some boots paired with multiple layers of socks =D

Also, mom and I went to pick out some pretty festive Christmas poinsettas, it was an absolute lovely sea of red! They even put some shimmery sparkles on ours =)

Also, now I know why my house is so cold, because my cat likes to absorb all the heat by sleeping directly over the heat vent!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Im officially finished all school and exams and can finally relax and enjoy the holiday season! Although I think my hand may be permanently formed into a pen holding position for a few more days, my god my arms are aching to the elbows!
Anyways on a happier note I went out for a celebration dinner, which included some crispy Yam fries, my latest food obsession!

Also quite jealous of people living in NY right about now, I saw from teenvogue that Alexander Wang is having a sample sale from Dec.11th-13th, tommorow and saturday 10am-7pm at 386 Brodway, 6th floor. It says up to 80% off!! Im so jealous this would have been a perfect christmas present to myself, someone please go buy stuff in my place and then show me your lovely purchases!

Also Loving these photos:

I've had this photo for quite awhile, absolutely love it! Could their legs be any longer? and those over the knee boots are to die for!
(Mostly photo on right, these photos come as a package deal =), but leather skinnies, balmain boots, givenchy jacket= hotnesss)

Photo cred: Jak And Jil

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Color of the Year

So Yellow is officially the "color of the year for 2009" according to Pantone, Im fairly on board, I quite like yellow! What about you guys?

I've recently discovered polyvore, and decided, in my studying procrastination to play around and create a little collage of yellows =)
Top left-right: Jimmy Choo, Nathan Jenden Miyamo, Kooba, Marc by Marc Jacobs (lovee!) Bottom left-right: Linda Farrow vintage sunnys, American Eagle, Christian Louboutin

Sunday, December 7, 2008

100% Legal

So I turned 19 today, which means Im officially legal, no more limits! I made sure I bought myself some lottery tickets and of course a nice fruity alchoholic cocktail =) Next on my list, a casino + clubbing. The funny thing was, no one even asked to see my ID, I was so prepared, I almost felt like asking, dont you want to know that Im actually of age!? Anyways all in all it was a great b-day, andd yeahh I might have bought myself a few things, including and overpriced silk/cotton/cashmere cardigan.. how could I not? I can't refuse such soft items on the best of times. Honestly if someone buys me something, and it's soft, its insta-love!
Sadly today was my day of fun, and tommorow its study study study, one week to go till freedom!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Almost Done

This week I was definitely put to the test with how much homework I could complete with the littlest amount of sleep in quite some time. But thankfully classes are finally over! One week from today I will be complete with exams and free to enjoy holiday spirit! Yayy! It will be nice to finally feel guilt free while reading my magazines , and get some christmas shopping done. Im bad I know, but I can never get my christmas shopping over with early, it's just..not possible.

During one of my procrastination of homework moments, I was looking at the urban outfitters website for gift ideas, and they have some really cute and entertaining items, a couple of my favorites:
Gigantic ipod speakers!

Because Im sure we all have such dirty laptops, a little vacuum to clean up all that mess! They also have a mini fridge that will fit a pop and a mini fan, I find this just so randomly cute.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Word On the Street"

I found these photos from the January 09' issue of Vogue UK on foto decadent, and absolutely loved them, Sasha is one of my fave models, so I just had to share!

I really love the last two, those shoes are so killer!
photo cred: foto_decadent

Monday, November 24, 2008

Add These To My List Please!

So I recently discovered this advertisment for MKA's, The Row, which I thought was for this season.. but thinking about it now Im not so sure.. but either way I loved the ad and the way they presented the clothing, I want it all!

P.S- can't believe I actually figured out how to add a youtube video on here! Yay :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Jacket!

So last night I went to see Twilight, I dont think I've ever seen quite so many giddy and hysterical preteen girls in my life.. anyways I thought it was pretty good, I never read any of the books so I had nothing to compare it too, all followed by a dinner that include spinach and feta dip, mmm!
I've been meaning to show you guys my new jacket for quite some time, but after I finally dug out the camera from an assortment of identical boxes, the cord was no where to be found. I also discovered that I think a new camera will be on my christmas listt, because the quality of this one isn't exactly what I would like it to be, well its not horrid or anything, just seeing the better quality photos and then this, makes me want better :) .. any suggestions or tips to look out for, that won't break the bank would be appreciated!
But what do we all think?

Found a photo from their website! :) a little on the small side though

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photo of my Day

I didn't have much time to browse my usual sites today, but when I saw this photograph it totally caught my eye, those tights soo awesome. I wish my climate would approve of such a thing, but I would most likely freeze. Love her shoes and necklace as well, although I am more of a silver person

photo cred: stockholm streetstyle

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am Alive

Ahh I feel so negletful of my blog, everyday I was like, I need to post Im feeling starved to blog! This past week has been incredibly hectic, I never quite realized how difficult moving can be down to the light switches, I even fell down the stairs, I swear there is an extra stair in my new house! Not only that but work and school have been no fun, and to add icing to my cake, I got a horrible cold just in time for the weekend that just insists on hanging on!

I feel like this is turning into a complaining blog or something rather than a fashion blog, so check this out, is this hotttt or hot?

As you can see Im still totally obsessed with chains/zippers and all that hardware =P
LaROK Jacket $637.00 at intermix.. anyone else love visiting intermix? I love the collages they put together

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hay guys so sorry about recent deadness, Im afraid I've been annoyingly busy planning the move. Which goes down tommorow =( I also had to attend a Saturday fieldtrip.. yay to weekends like this (sarcasm) Anyways I hope your weekends are going better than mine, and I plan to make more posts within a couple of days, I really want to show you guys my new jacket =)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Official

So first off congrats to you Americans out there on your new president, but I must say your elections are insanely long so Im somewhat happy thats over with =) Also Alexander McQueen has been announced to be the latest to collaborate with Target! Only it will be slightly different this time:

"Target in March will launch Designer Collaborations, which is aimed to be an ongoing program that will bring a series of established designers to the masses at low prices. Designer Initiative is a separate program from Target’s Go International, which focuses on young or emerging designers"

McQueen is only the first, additional designers have been planned, the suspense will kill me for sure.

"McQ Alexander McQueen for Target will feature lightweight sweaters, skinny jeans, bubble dresses, slim skirts and cuffed shorts. Signature pieces include a coated cotton poplin black trench, a rock ’n’ roll gray denim cropped studded jacket, a men’s wear-inspired tuxedo blazer and a color-blocked one-shoulder dress with bubble hem. The collection also will include swimwear and cotton voile print scarves. Price points were not yet available.The collection has a muted color palette of black, white, gray and tan with accents of cobalt blue and bright pink. Studs and mesh give items an edge."

I read studs, Im already excited! Hopefully we'll get some sample piks soon! For the most part I really enjoy designer collaborations.

Also I found these pictures from Heidi Klums Halloween party, can you guess whos who?
1. Heidi Klum, she always has such awesome costumes in my opinon 2. Christian Siriano 3. Michael Kors!

Read full McQueen story on and halloween photos from

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Weekend, Finally!

Sorry for my completely dead week, but Im SO happy the weekend is finally here, I had loads of homework this weekend, plus a presentation, plus another exam, ah for weekend relief! Hope everyone had a good Halloween, I basically just realaxed, Im not much of a halloween person, if I dress up, Im the same thing every year- a cat. Just put on some ears and Im ready to go. But now that Halloween is over, I can become more excited for the Christmas season which I love so much more! I went to see Eagle Eye tonight which I definitely recommend if your looking for an action packed thriller, but I must say Im kind of wary of my cell phone right about now, and my built in webcam has a piece of paper over it.

As I was doing my daily search for interesting fashion news, I discovered these photos of the upcoming Charlotte Ronson for JC Penny line which is due to debut in Febuary of the upcoming year. I had heard about it awhile ago but never gave it much thought, but when I saw these photos I was actually pretty impressed.

Photos from

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

Things have honestly been so crazy lately, I don't know if I mentioned it, but Im moving. It's kind of the most awkward thing ever! Trying to condense 11 years of house items. Im somewhat being forced to dispose of my 1000's of magazines. So I've been trying to cut out some inspirational photos, or just photos I like and make a little book out of them. I've got about 30 down andd soo many more to go! Oh well its kinda fun looking at the styles from 2002!
Going through my closet also made me realize just how much stuff I have yet to wear! I know I buy too much, its a bad habit.

Through all the packing, homework and work this weekend I did manage to get a shopping trip in downtown. I checked out the newest Winners, which btw, had the grey ankle zipper boots in black! Amazingly awesome, yet I decided against them, for a reason Im not really all that sure about. I also ended up getting some new black tights, a new jacket, grey dress/top and a dark grey skirt from american apparel, the one with the pockets =) Piks to come if I can ever get the boxes away from my mirror.

I could be a little m.i.a throughout this week though, I have lots happening with school =(

In happier news and since this post was pretty long, I saw both these boots on intermix's website, and thought they were both oppositely awesome! I apoligize for my recent over-shoe posts, Im kind of completely obsessed with all shoes at the moment.

Alejandro Ingelmo, $770 6 inch booties
Stella McCartney, $1,995 Kate Lanphear rockin' the Stella's, although I believe there is a shorter version that she may or may not be wearing.

Top two photos: intermix, Third: Jak & Jil

Friday, October 24, 2008

"Loves It"

Anyone else been enjoying fall? Today looked so gorgeous all the colorful trees and crisp leaves, I just cannot help going out of my way to crunch and crispy looking leaf just to hear the sound. Yeah I must look like a loser walking down the sidewalk, I know. I took a picture while walking home, but It turned out really ugly because I didnt want the passing cars to think I was totally crazy taking pictures of leaves, so I will get a better one haha.

Anyways I discovered this recent picture of Nicole Richie, looking like her usual awesome self. I love the whole outfit, but most of all the cardigan! I absolutely love, and want it. Im kind of a cardigan obsessed person, Im basically always wearing one. Only problem I dont know which brand it is? If anyone could help identify it or suggest a similar one, you would be pretty awesome =)

Also loving the hobo-esque hat and sunnys!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

alice + olivia for Payless

Anyone seen these? They're pretty awesome, verging on ugly boots, my favorite kind it seems lately. I dont know if I would have the guts to wear these, mostly because they're patent, which Im not sure I could pull off, but I still think they could look pretty cool.

They also came in patent red.

Hmm so what do you guys think?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Under the Sea

Today was such a gross day, rainy, cold and dark all day. It also sucked, I had to write a midterm and goto the dentist for my very first filling of a cavity, which also Sucks, btw, with a capital S, it was definitely the most awful dentist trip ever! I will be doing everything to make sure this type of horror doesn't happen again, its so gross and sensitive feeling right now =( When does it go awayy? Sorry Im kind of the biggest baby ever when it comes to this sort of thing. Im also still mourning over the black leather bag from a few posts ago, I've been checking other Winners weekly, but still no luck, ugh I want it!

I saw this ring while looking through People Style Watch, seriously how cute is it? Lately I've been drawn to animal rings, after seeing Sea of Shoes octopus ring!

Noir Koyu fish

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sigerson Morrison

Today was such a nice fall day, cold, but sunny. I really must take a photo of all the trees because they are such lovely colors right now. Im also quite shocked that it hasn't rained much so far, which is very rare for us especially this time of year. *knock on wood*. Its been pretty cold though, highs of like 10/11c so I've definitely been whipping out the layers, hats and scarves. I really need a middle season type jacket though, because my cardigans aren't quite enough, and Im not quite ready to whip out the big parka.

Anyways Im sure by now you've all heard about Sigerson Morrison for Target, I was really surprised at how cute the stuff was. Lots of sparkly-ness, they really look like "holiday" shoes to me, which makes me even more excited for christmas. I think my favorite shoes though have to be the bottom ankle boots, I hope that it all looks as good in real life.

Hmm electric blue or black?

photos from

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So even though Thanksgiving is technically tommorow, in Canada anyway, we celebrated today, by stuffing ourselves with loads of food. My personal favorite, pumpkin pie with a lot of whipped cream, mmm tasty, also my aunt makes this jello and apples dish, which is basically like a dessert during dinner =D. How did your Thanksgiving go, if you had it already that is?

Anyways to celebrate the weekend I bought myself the latest people style watch magazine, and noticed a Jessica Simpson shoe ad. I was pretty surprised at how much I really liked these shoes. Plus the heels look like they could come in handy sometimes ;)