Monday, April 28, 2008

Bonus Time!

I love when you get little added bonuses with your purchases, it's almost as good as free stuff. So when the new clinique bonus came out I had to get it. I usually by the yellow lotion from clinque, so I just wait for bonus time to buy. Clinique is pretty much the only bonus I must get everytime however, it's like a family tradition; my grandma bought it, my mom bought it, and I was always so excited to try on the lipstick when I was much to young to wear any haha. But now that Im old enough I guess I've decided to follow in Clinique bonus tradition. There were two colors to choose from, I had my mind set on purple, but when I went I decided on pink instead, and Im not usually a pink person, but for some reason it just appealed to me more.

1 comment:

Fashion Is My Middle Name said...

so cute!!both purple and pink :)