Saturday, July 18, 2009


So tommorow is finally my departure day off to our cabin, the weather is supposed to be superrrr hot which is perfect, despite a forest fire going a few hours away. It threatens to ruin our nice blue sky and outdoorsy smell, I'll survive, but hopefully they can get that under raps. Im feeling totally disorganized right now too, typical me, leave everything to the last minute. You would think I would learn my lesson one of these times. Im not sure if I'll get a chance to post, there is only a slight possibility that I can bumb internet off a nearby resident, but I thought I saw an internet cafe not too far away so we'll see =) otherwise I'll probably be back about the 1st of August.

Anywayss have you all heard the news that Balmain is extending to Acc's?

"Balmain, a hot ready-to-wear brand, is flirting with the handbag business. Retailers in Paris for the pre-collections are being shown about a half dozen styles, including black leather messenger bags pav├ęd with crystals or studs, and a fringed, rock ’n’ roll number with silver hardware."-WWD

Umm omg, are they trying to torture me? Studs, rock'n'roll? silver hardware? I can already tell Im going to want this, and knowing Balmain completely out of price range =( Whatever, one can daydream by staring at the lovely photos, I still cannot wait to see the previews! but in the mean time Im really loving Alexander Wang's fall bags which seem to be selling out everywhere, especially that studded bottom one, still out of my unemployed price range, but it is slightly more possible.
What do you guys think of this colour? It's kind of different I like how it looks online, it would be interesting to see in person, perhaps I could inspect one if someone would just send it to my mailbox =)
post again soon, xox R =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Broke and Unemployed

Two words I hate the sound of, neither of them have happened quite yet, but Im really dreading the day they come true. My last day of work is this week, and soon after no money will follow! Lol! I need a job new job asap =(

My mind is completely thinking of fall clothing now, even though I dont want summer and no jackets to end, Im still very excited for the fall clothing, but I am slightly depressed that I may have no money to buy stuff.. We will see, I already have a list going of what items I want...

Anywayss, I also have this other predicament of what to do with my jewellery, since I do not have enough door knobs to hang my necklaces on and my jewellery box is overflowing. Im thinking just a shallow bowl for my rings, possible UO type stand for my bracelets, but necklaces Im still really unsure about because most of the ones I've seen are not long enough for my necklaces, or the ones I have seen are incredibly ugly, why is this? I like the tree one from UO, but even that wasn't quite long enough, plus I think it contains lead or something not good for you.

And ty guys for the music tips, Im going to be stocking up my ipod the next couple of days, I've already been listening to some of your suggestions =) Oh yeahh and Im going to see Jason Mraz in Sept, yayyy! =)

PS- I totally saw a Balenciaga short sleeve jacket thing at Winners!!! Yeah Winners, honestly who knew? $1500- total steal, I know ;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Electric Feel

I found these awesome old photos of Gemma Ward in Vogue UK from 2004 on a website, foto decadent and completely fell in love. Where is Gemma at these days anyway?

Tonight I went to this kind of odd dance show..but there was a couple of amazing performances by these contortionists, holy crap they are amazing, its like someone removed their spines and they can just bend in every shape and form!
Also since Im going away to my cabin in a little over a week Im on the search for some catchy summer tunes, if anyone has any suggestions, stuff that you love to listen to in the summertime or whenever, please share! =)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Dark Side

I saw this photo on stockholm streetstyle, totally love it, dark red hair, killer ring, all black outfit with awesome belt. Perfection =)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Swim Time

Im going away soon to our cabin on the lake, so I've been wanting to find a new swimsuit, which is pretty annoying haha. I always find it difficult to find the right suit, there are a couple of brands that I like the look of, one being Vitamin A, I love the very slight shimmer the material has. The only problem is, Im not sure if the swimsuits are meant for people with no ass at all or what, but they totally do not cover my butt lol! I also like the look of a few Insight suits, I couldn't find pictures of the ones I liked, but I'll show you a few others I found online, they also have a slight shimmer to their material.

photos found from a google search..

Other than thinking about swimsuits, I can't help but already plan ahead for fall, I almost annoy myself because it's not like I want summer to end, and then have to go back to school, ugh. I blame it on the early fashion shows, magainzes and stores! It happens to me every year!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Brights

I don't know what it is, but lately I've been super attracted to hot pink and all shades of orange, which are usually near the very bottom on the list of my favorite colors. When I saw Blake Lively wearing this, I really loved the simple hot pink Michael Kors dress. I bought a hot pink shirt yesterday =P And an orange the day before haha, all those tangerine tints too, are suddenly drawing me in!