Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunny, Sunny days!

(I look like Im really intently staring at something.. but Im not lol)
(Mm cotton candy.. even though I kinda look like Im kissing it, haha)

(I know these last two are like the same, but the bg's were just so pretty plus the yellow bag is displayed nicely =) )

Yay! for once in a million years the weather people were almost totally right, there was a bit of cloudy haze at some points of the day, but other than that it was nice and warm. So of course I had to hit as many outdoor places as possible, I spent most of the day at a couple lovely beaches. Had some fish and chips, starbucks caramel frapp, although they forgot the caramel on top? uh yeah. And of course icecreamm =) Mm, cotton candy, it was a tough decision between that and bubble gum, yes, I love the little kid flavours okay. So I did take some photos, but they are probably 1/10th the quality they should be, but I took them with my cell phone, because I still cant fix my other camera.

The debut of the summery yellow bag =D So yellow and buttery.. got it at Winners
Jacket:H&M (I absolutely loveee this jacket, the buttons and the exposed sleeve zippers <333)
Top:UO,Jeans:A&F(these are litterally my first destroyed anything, but Im really liking them this season, hence photo below)Flats:Old Navyy,Flip Flops: Havaianas(Had to switch cause I got blisters :( )Necklace:H&M,Rings:Aldo Acc and Little local boutique.
I had to paint my nails a summery color too haha, yes I got very excited for this sunny day, It's chanel in Splendeur.
Sadly it's supposed to go back to rain tommorow..v_v Also this is my first actual semi-decent photo post, yayy, so what do you guys think of my little outing?
ps: if anyone knows how to make photos bigger.. that would be good lol


jenny h. said...

cute pictures :)

Rose said...

i agree, love ur jacket too~


HeartandSleeve said...

I want your jacket!! and its pretty scenery for a picture <3


because im addicted said...

such cool shots! love the yellow bag!

R said...

thank-you all =D

aficionada said...

Adorable jacket + I love that bag!!

1234 said...

sweet photos! do you go to UBC?

R said...

Nope, what makes you think that?