Friday, February 29, 2008

Seeing Double?

As a magaholic, yes, I shall show proof someday, I was reading one of my hundreds of magazines, when I came across a look-alike page of various items. I saw these shoes and immediatley became attached. The two on top are from 3.1 Phillip Lim, the bottom two are from Bronx. I know it's not an exact replica but I thought it was a pretty close match. Im all of a sudden loving this mega-mary jane style(adding to my shopping list).

Also, just for fun, I just had to rave about this winters starbucks giftcard holders, just another card holder? I dont think so, how bout an all purpose electronic holder. I've been carrying them around all winter, keeping my cell and ipod nice and toasty. To bad spring is coming.. now if only they could come up with a cute spring/summer all purpose holder.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

White Bottoms and New Colors

Usually Im not a fan of white bottoms, except for skirts, but I think Im starting to turn over a new leaf, because I keep seeing outfits with white bottoms, and I suddenly seem drawn towards them. I especially love Kate Bosworth for Calvin Klein Jeans, and of course the always cute Rachel Bilson.

I seem to find myself getting attached to a new color ever season, Ive decided that my new spring color is going to be, a seafoamy green, mixed with a bit of a tourqoise. So hopefully I'll be able to find myself a few new spring items. I absolutely love this dress Rachael Bilson wore, the style and especially the color.
So this got me curious, what is your new spring color going to be?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Summer Days

When I woke up this morning and glanced out the window, I realized our astonishing week of sunshine had left us for our usual rain rain more rain and of course lots of clouds. I decided to compile a little bit of summery-ness just to lift my mood.

I cant quite remember after digging these photos out of a huge folder, but I believe most of these pictures are from Versace and Michael Kors, spring 2008. I really love the versace yellow flower dress, and usually, I dont like orange or pink, but somehow I think the Versace pink top and orange shorts are totally cute, and now, Im thinking I might just have to come up with my own pink/orange combo. Also Im thinking I might have to purchase a candy colored striped mini dress like the Michael Kors one, which I find completely cute, reminding me of those big swirly disneyland lollipops. Another of my Michael Kors fave is the mixed pattern dress, I love the floral/strip combo.

Heres hoping that more sunny days are on there way, I cant wait for summer, I think I've about had enough of the under 10 celcius weather.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shoe Steals

I had to post my latest three shoe steals. Unfortunatley i dont have the best camera but oh well it'll have to do. First are my very exciting aldo boots, original price $140...price i payed $25! I think this was one of my most exciting buys in quite some time, when i got home an saw the original price.. i was just so excited about my savings! The second pair are also from aldo, at an even better! found them in moms closet! Last of all my navy blue suede flats from old navy, original price $25.. my price $5

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Typical day

My very first post, im actually quite excited to get started. Ive been looking at a few other blogs recently and i decided its about time to make one of my own. (Also i decided to try paintshop and make my own header.. and lets just say that it was a lot harder than i thought, obvious of the not so nice header, but oh well lol). Of course, i had to make mine a fashion blog, as i seem to grow more and more obsessed every day. I decided to name my blog absolutefashion because i dont believe that there should be any fashion limits, isnt it always the most original/different/unique that we always admire most? (well okay, maybe there should be a limit to crocs, ugh)

Today was a pretty typical day for me, shopping and more shopping. I went downtown and happened to stumble across one of my new favorite shoe stores! Ive always like aldo, but it can be a little pricey, but this was aldo liquidation! Its got already marked down aldo shoes plus an extra 50% off, and no there not styles from 5 yrs ago, i actually recognize some of them from just this winter. So of course i had about 7 pairs of boots to try, i ended up with a lovely pair of grey leather ankle boots. The part that really made my day, only $25!! original price $140. Nothing makes me happier than a steal like that! Also on my purchase list of today, two basic black and white tees from UO. (hopefully pictures to come soon)

Anyways, I hope I can get a few of you to come back and read more :)