Friday, April 11, 2008

Diet Officially Off

(Julia Dunstall)
Yes thats right, one store did me in today, and I spent, but up untill today my spending diet was going quite well. Took a quick peak into old navy and I bought these sandals, they look much better on than in the picture however. I also bought this brown necklace thing that ties, it was 50% off, Yayy! I couldnt find a picture of it though. I also got an additional 15% off from this code thing. Gotta love precents off =) The second photo I just love, it really puts me in the summer set of mind, going to be taking that into some inspirational account while shopping for more spring items. There was actually a ton of spring clothes I thought were cute from Alexander Wang S-08. But thats a whole other post.

Im also counting down things to do tommorow, the weather people are still sticking by the 21 celcius thing, so they better be right because they gotten me all excited!
More good news school classes are officially overr! Now I just have to make it through the exams. My fingers are crossed =D Im going to work hard on fixing the camera tonight too, because I reallly want to take pictures tommorow since its going to be so pretty. Also Im going to sleep super early tonight, even if it is a Friday, Im totally exhausted.

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