Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No More I say!

Soo Im officially spending more than I make, so basically I have to stop shopping now before Im forced to stop. Let's see if I can make it all the way till next thursday. Im going to the US, so obviously shopping is like the main purpose, I absolutely must hit all the stores we dont have up here. But until then Im forcing myself to stop. So if you see me making "what I bought today" posts, just tell me I should return whatever I bought haha. But I did buy a pair of wedges a couple days ago, Im not entirely sure If these are the ones I want, because Ive been wanting a nice pair of wedges, perferably not to expensive, for quite some time now. I got these ones at payless,
what do you guys think? Or do you know of anywhere else that I might find some not-to-expensive wedges? Im gonna keep them anyway until after Ive been to the US, just in case I find something better there. Oh and I bought a pair of casual shorts for everyday summer wear too, only $16.00, how could I resist?

Oh yeah and my mini hair crisis was somewhat averted. I went back to get my bangs fixed a little, yeah I must be the most annoying customer ever, but I was seriously dying of hair trauma, I think Im just too picky for my own good! It's still not exactly how I want it, but it's better than before.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bonus Time!

I love when you get little added bonuses with your purchases, it's almost as good as free stuff. So when the new clinique bonus came out I had to get it. I usually by the yellow lotion from clinque, so I just wait for bonus time to buy. Clinique is pretty much the only bonus I must get everytime however, it's like a family tradition; my grandma bought it, my mom bought it, and I was always so excited to try on the lipstick when I was much to young to wear any haha. But now that Im old enough I guess I've decided to follow in Clinique bonus tradition. There were two colors to choose from, I had my mind set on purple, but when I went I decided on pink instead, and Im not usually a pink person, but for some reason it just appealed to me more.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel

Yes, I know shes quickly becoming one of those celebs everyone is tired of hearing about how much people love her style. But I do, she always looks so adorably cute with every new picture I see of her. I almost bought a navy dress with extreme resemblence to her first picture, I still just might just by looking at this picture again. The shirt plus sparkly skirt suprisingly goes perfectly together. The turqoise dress, seriously If I saw anything resembling that I would have a seriously dangerous increased heart rate followed by, "I'll pay with debit please." The striped dress, is so laid back, and still looks adorable. Leather jacket plus florals, need I say more? Lastly, those boots=awesome!

On more depressing news, Im hating my haircut, shocker.. seriously Im depressed, the bangs=so wrong, nothing like the picture I showed.. Im very stressed about how to fix this predicament right now. My mall trip was also slightly blah, but that's partly my fault by going with a very incompatible shopper.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lovely Florals

(Diane Von Furstenberg)
(Michael Kors)
(Missoni- lovesss)
(Paul & Joe- I love the shoes too)
(love love love!)

I am soo obsessed with pretty florals this season, My favorite photo that I saw recently in a magazine is the photo of kate bosworth wearing this hand painted $12,000 Dolce & Gabbana dress. Seriously, I kept flipping back to look at it, it's so amazing. To bad I wont ever have it =( But I will be doing some serious shopping for an inspiration of this dress. There are way to many lovely florals to be shown, but here are just a few.

Im going shopping tommorow, so I will be on the hunt! Im really excited to check out Zara, it's been so long since Iv'e been there.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Porn Stars and Flaming Lamborghini's

I just love how creative they get when naming drinks. It was my friends 19th birthday, which means shes finally of age, so of course she celebrated by ordering drinks. The flaming lamborghini was awesome, actually on fire. The bad thing about all of a sudden being of age is the old gross pervs that were trying to invite us out for drinks, ew no thank you loser pedos. It was fun though, minus that small detail.

Tommorow I go for the haircut. Dun dun dun.. I hate going for haircuts because I always come out hating it, its not usually all that different, but Im so picky about my hair and notice the slightest change, and it takes me awhile to get used to the change. Im probably just going to get a couple inches or so cut off to freshen up my hair, get some highlights for summer. Still trying to get those perfect bangs too!
Oh yeah and today I bought two beach bags, I'll probably give one away.. but I cant decide which, A plain purple tee, and a pinky colored tank for my friend since she loves pink.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Dark Spring Inspiration

(Natasha Poly)
(Coco Rocha)
(Jessica Stam)
(Maryna Lincuk)
(Sessilee Lopez)
So.. I was looking through some photos of my spring inspiration, and realized it was rather dark for spring. Im not totally dark though, I do love turqoise and yellow a lot right now!
Im seriously noticing a pattern here, black pants, and clearly I need a leather jacket. So usually, I come up with a list of items I want when spring or fall arrives. Since my list is extremely long, I'll probably have to cut down.. or work a lot more.
-More dresses =)
-Florals.. probably in the skirts or dresses
-wedge sandals
-flat sandals and flip flops
-Belts (for tying)
-leather jacket
-some flat ankle boots.. perhaps minnetonkas? black or brown? hmm
-Something to hang my necklaces on
Yeahh my list isnt exactly detailed.. and I keep adding stuff to it everyday, not to mention I can't stick to the list because I'll find something not on it tommorow that I want to buy.
Anyways what's on your guys' list?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Thrifting Blunders

I must admit Im fairly new to the thrifting world, sadly I suffer from a slight germophobia, and the thought always freaked me out a little. But I know that there are amazing thrift finds to be found, so Ive decided to stop being a stupid and get with it. So today I checked out a few thrift stores.. the only thing is, everything seemed seriously overpriced to me. All the shoes I saw were at least $30.. belts for like $15 and up, and I saw this really cute skirt and it was $98 for a brand I had never even heard of! Most of the skirts were $35 ish though. I just kind of expected to be finding better deals, and I went two different ones today.
So I was wondering how much you guys spend on an average skirt or belt.. shoes?

Later today I checked out the H&M website, they had this dress which I totally love, so even though Ive just been to H&M Im going to have to go again soon. After visiting the website, I had an urge to shop online, it's really frustrating how you can't shop online in english, so I decided to struggle through in German.. since I dont speak any German, I gave up quite quickly. Now off to watch Gossip Girl, which is finallly returning tonight, Yay!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My First Free Weekend

Being my first free weekend from school, I decided to celebrate with shopping, more shopping, and lot's of yummy mega calorie goodies. So yesterday I went to H&M, good thing my friend and I got there early because there ended up being lines out the doors of the fitting rooms. In the end I had to try stuff on at a random mirror in the store, so awkward. Anyways I ended up buying:
-Striped dress
-Oversize long cardigan, somewhat inspired by MKA
-Two silver bangles, actually one is black and silver, the other is silver with cut-outs.
Then today I checked out a Winners, also insanely busy, this only reminds me to shop on weekdays, when less pushing and bumping is included.
-I bought a silky type dress with a pattern on it.. Yes didn't I paint a nice image for you there?

Honestly, now that Im out of school I dont even know what to do with myself, and it's only been a weekend, isn't that just typical? I crave to be out of school.. but have no big plans for myself. I will probably be working more, and Im going to be getting into the "healthier" lifestyle, Im thinking I might join those suckers that run everyday. Oh yeah and on some exciting news, my aunt is going on vacation to egypt, greece and turkey, I wish however that was me, but I sent her on the look-out for some cool items, so when she get's back in a couple of weeks, Im really hoping for some funky new pieces to add to my wardrobe =D

Friday, April 18, 2008

Yay Summer Vacation!

(Kanye inspired? I was amazed when I saw these glasses today, what purpose do these serve? Horrid tan lines is my first though. I tryed them on, just for fun, and honestly I would have tripped if I tryed walking in these haha)

(Some Lovely Judith Leiber sunnys.. I want =( )

(Lovely spring weather right?)
(Camera shifted slightly, blue sky, whats up weather?)

It is amazingly hard to believe its officially summer vacation. Since this is my first year out of highschool, it seems very odd to join those college kids I was jealous of for getting out so much earlier. I breathe a huge sigh of relief now that Im done with exams, one I found fairly easy.. todays fairly hard.. But, they're over with so either way so it feels good!

To celebrate I went out for dinner. Next stop was the army and navy shoe sale, which had SO many shoes, I piled up a basket nicely, making my arm incredibly sore, is it not awkward to carry a super heavy basket? Not to mention bumping into those people who refuse to move. Sadly none of the shoe I chose fit, very dissapointing, and I felt pretty bad when the cute worker offered to put them all back, but he reassured me that he had seen much worse. After this fight through the shoes I realized how many people dont obey the obvious shopping rules. For me, these are a couple of thing that are on my list.
1. When someone is looking at a section of clothing, you do not go right beside them and push the items toward them. Seriously I hate when I have my little cleared space and someone comes right up and pushes it all together again, so rude!
2. If the aisles are tight, let people past who want by, do not just stand there like a blimp please. This happened to me today, A lady was trying on shoes right in the middle of this tingy aisle, and the store even had this nice little section of set up chairs for people to try stuff on!
Anyways... Next stop Walmart, I had to load up on a few essentials.. Shampoo, hangers, those awesome shavers that dont require shaving cream =D <333

Also this morning I tagged along with my mom to her eye appointment. Boredly waiting I decided to try on sunglasses, and Oh My did I find some amazinglyyyy lust worthy glasses. Too bad im not going to spend $1300 on them =( I wish I could find a picture of the ones I saw, but I can't find one, they were dark blue frames, with *amazing* side detail, as are most Judith Leiber sunnys. One last rant, the weather man was right; snow, wind, sleet, rain, freezing cold!? It looked like death today, We've been breaking records with this awful weather, I want summer!
I know this post was incredibly long, but lot's seemed to have happened today haha. So, what are some of your shopping rules, or pet peeves?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Mansy

Normally, Im really open to different style ideas, and like to see people try new things. But in this case, all I did was have a good burst of inside laughter as I flipped through an unremembered magazine. I seriously hope I never see a man wearing this, Im afraid I could possibly be more scarred then when I saw a man with dangly nipple rings running with a thong pulled up much too high to be comfortable. I usually find lululemons items to be quite tasteful workout wear, however there is an exception for everything, seriously.. what where they thinking when they created this? Im afraid to see the back..
Oh yeah and the stupid weatherman is calling for snow this weekend.. seriously what is wrong with the weather!? I want springg!!
Anyways what are your guys thoughts on "the mansy," yes thats what its actually called haha

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Joining the Army

The Army and Navy shoe sale that is =) It's one of those sales that gets pretty chaotic, shoes everywhere and people fighting to get the best ones first. Luckily I think they bring out new rounds of shoes every couple of hours or so. However, Im going to try not to buy unless theres something I really love, because lately Ive been going a little shoe crazy. Last year I got this really cute pair of bcbg heels, for only $30, and I think they were originially around $100 or more. Those are the kind of deals I just cant resist. I'll probably hit it this weekend, after Im free of having these exams looming over my head, making me feel too guilty to go shopping right now. If I buy anything I will try to post some piks, even if it is just with my cell phone camera. Back to studying now =(

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tie That Belt

(Alexander Wang, Spring.08)

(All 3, D&G Spring.08)
(Rumi of Fashion Toast)

It seems everywhere I look belts are getting tied instead of buckled, its really been growing on me, especially after I saw Fashion Toast's Rumi wear it so well, so I think one day soon I'll have to try it out. What really bothers me is I have these two belts I found on sale last year for under $5 and I cant find them! Nothing is worse than that, Oh well I'll try again soon. So what do you guys think of the belt tie?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Closet.. dun dun dun!

Yeahh, I cleaned out my closet and room etc. I know I said I would do this like 3 weeks ago, but I finally got to it today. Im pretty much the worlds biggest procrastinator when it comes to this type of thing. I went through all my drawers and closet for a MUCH need cleanout/organization. It took me an approx exhausting 2 hours or so. Oh well now its done, the hardest part is going to be keeping it that way. My cat decided to help me out as well, after I went back to my drawer, I realized she had decided to take a nap on my nicely folded clothes, note to self not to leave the drawers open anymore. Now Im going to have to de-fur them all, but you cant stay mad when shes pulling that "puss-in-boots" look.
And yeah it rained today.. sadly the weather people are always right when it comes to predicting the bad things. I might be a little slow on blogging this coming week, because I really need to force myself into exam studying, but after this friday Im freeee, free, free =D

I encourage all you other fellow procrastinator's to fix up your closet as well, spring cleaning, yayy

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunny, Sunny days!

(I look like Im really intently staring at something.. but Im not lol)
(Mm cotton candy.. even though I kinda look like Im kissing it, haha)

(I know these last two are like the same, but the bg's were just so pretty plus the yellow bag is displayed nicely =) )

Yay! for once in a million years the weather people were almost totally right, there was a bit of cloudy haze at some points of the day, but other than that it was nice and warm. So of course I had to hit as many outdoor places as possible, I spent most of the day at a couple lovely beaches. Had some fish and chips, starbucks caramel frapp, although they forgot the caramel on top? uh yeah. And of course icecreamm =) Mm, cotton candy, it was a tough decision between that and bubble gum, yes, I love the little kid flavours okay. So I did take some photos, but they are probably 1/10th the quality they should be, but I took them with my cell phone, because I still cant fix my other camera.

The debut of the summery yellow bag =D So yellow and buttery.. got it at Winners
Jacket:H&M (I absolutely loveee this jacket, the buttons and the exposed sleeve zippers <333)
Top:UO,Jeans:A&F(these are litterally my first destroyed anything, but Im really liking them this season, hence photo below)Flats:Old Navyy,Flip Flops: Havaianas(Had to switch cause I got blisters :( )Necklace:H&M,Rings:Aldo Acc and Little local boutique.
I had to paint my nails a summery color too haha, yes I got very excited for this sunny day, It's chanel in Splendeur.
Sadly it's supposed to go back to rain tommorow..v_v Also this is my first actual semi-decent photo post, yayy, so what do you guys think of my little outing?
ps: if anyone knows how to make photos bigger.. that would be good lol

Friday, April 11, 2008

Diet Officially Off

(Julia Dunstall)
Yes thats right, one store did me in today, and I spent, but up untill today my spending diet was going quite well. Took a quick peak into old navy and I bought these sandals, they look much better on than in the picture however. I also bought this brown necklace thing that ties, it was 50% off, Yayy! I couldnt find a picture of it though. I also got an additional 15% off from this code thing. Gotta love precents off =) The second photo I just love, it really puts me in the summer set of mind, going to be taking that into some inspirational account while shopping for more spring items. There was actually a ton of spring clothes I thought were cute from Alexander Wang S-08. But thats a whole other post.

Im also counting down things to do tommorow, the weather people are still sticking by the 21 celcius thing, so they better be right because they gotten me all excited!
More good news school classes are officially overr! Now I just have to make it through the exams. My fingers are crossed =D Im going to work hard on fixing the camera tonight too, because I reallly want to take pictures tommorow since its going to be so pretty. Also Im going to sleep super early tonight, even if it is a Friday, Im totally exhausted.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, I hear that we actually have a sunny day on the way, with an estimated whopping 21 celcius, I know shocking it really is. I find it funny how just another province away they got 26cm of snow today, hehe. No really, I do feel bad for them. Anyways this thought of sun has really made me think that I only have 2 pairs of scruffed up sunnys =O horrible I know, but my other pair broke on me! Originally I had been thinking I might buy a pair of nicer sunglasses, and then a couple more cheaper ones. So this is what I found, tell me what you think. Oh yeah and I decided soon to go check out some contacts, because its really hard to wear sunnys + glasses, yeah I was that dork last summer =( I just hope I can handle them, Ive never really been one for touching my eyes. Okay so I seem to have lost most of the cheap sunglasses, but help me out with the MbyMJ's =) (Im kinda "ify" on white) oh yeah and the first pair are from UO.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blah Blah

I know I've been slacking on posts, but I really have nothing special to blog about. Ive been doing a lot of school work since the school year is almost done.. yayy.. and then work. Also Ive been doing well on my spending diet, which means no new purchases to share. I did find a thrift store advertised though that looks super promising, Im hoping to check that out within the next week or so. Still working on my stupid camera too, and then hopefully I can get some outfit posts happening.
So check back soon and I seriously hope for something more interesting =D

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Inspiration photos of the week (again?)

(Just hoping that fur is faux)
(Pale people gotta stick together)
(Miranda Kerr, Just so simple and cute)

Sorry about lack of posts, I almost didnt make one again today. It's been a tiring weekend, including a trip to school on a saturday, yeah nothing gets much worse than that. But school IS almost done, so thats pretty much the only thing keeping me going. Anyways I dont have anything to special to blog about today, however I do have a more couple inspirational photos, even though I think I blogged with some other inspiration photos this week.. oh well haha. Oh yeah I also ended up returning two out of the three pairs of shoes I splurged on, the grey boots and first pair of heels down below. I just feel like I should save up a little since there like 50 other "to buy" items on my list.

Please feel free to comment too guys, I love getting to read your thoughts and opinions =D
Anyways Im off to sleep so night night =)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Overpriced Cravings of the Day

Since I search through so many different websites each night, I of course come across items which will only happen in my dreams, or if I perhaps win the lottery. These are my favorite of the day.. or maybe week. Ever since I saw those Derek Lam ankle boots featured on style.com Ive been in love, the color, the little buckles, oh so cute. This L.A.M.B bag Ive also been eyeing up for awhile now, this is definitely one of my fave colors for spring, Ive actually been looking for a similar colored bag but (cheaper) anyways after a couple months of no luck, I decided to go with a cute yellow bag I found instead.