Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, I hear that we actually have a sunny day on the way, with an estimated whopping 21 celcius, I know shocking it really is. I find it funny how just another province away they got 26cm of snow today, hehe. No really, I do feel bad for them. Anyways this thought of sun has really made me think that I only have 2 pairs of scruffed up sunnys =O horrible I know, but my other pair broke on me! Originally I had been thinking I might buy a pair of nicer sunglasses, and then a couple more cheaper ones. So this is what I found, tell me what you think. Oh yeah and I decided soon to go check out some contacts, because its really hard to wear sunnys + glasses, yeah I was that dork last summer =( I just hope I can handle them, Ive never really been one for touching my eyes. Okay so I seem to have lost most of the cheap sunglasses, but help me out with the MbyMJ's =) (Im kinda "ify" on white) oh yeah and the first pair are from UO.

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