Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No More I say!

Soo Im officially spending more than I make, so basically I have to stop shopping now before Im forced to stop. Let's see if I can make it all the way till next thursday. Im going to the US, so obviously shopping is like the main purpose, I absolutely must hit all the stores we dont have up here. But until then Im forcing myself to stop. So if you see me making "what I bought today" posts, just tell me I should return whatever I bought haha. But I did buy a pair of wedges a couple days ago, Im not entirely sure If these are the ones I want, because Ive been wanting a nice pair of wedges, perferably not to expensive, for quite some time now. I got these ones at payless,
what do you guys think? Or do you know of anywhere else that I might find some not-to-expensive wedges? Im gonna keep them anyway until after Ive been to the US, just in case I find something better there. Oh and I bought a pair of casual shorts for everyday summer wear too, only $16.00, how could I resist?

Oh yeah and my mini hair crisis was somewhat averted. I went back to get my bangs fixed a little, yeah I must be the most annoying customer ever, but I was seriously dying of hair trauma, I think Im just too picky for my own good! It's still not exactly how I want it, but it's better than before.


fashion Chalet said...

I have those! I wore them recently too (super comfy) should have pics up on my Blog soon... =)

capturedlife said...

ohh i just bought a pair today and it almost looks like this pair! theyre so comfy and you're never overdressen with them! i love them

vogued out!!! said...

They are a great buy. welcome to the spending machine club.