Sunday, April 6, 2008

Inspiration photos of the week (again?)

(Just hoping that fur is faux)
(Pale people gotta stick together)
(Miranda Kerr, Just so simple and cute)

Sorry about lack of posts, I almost didnt make one again today. It's been a tiring weekend, including a trip to school on a saturday, yeah nothing gets much worse than that. But school IS almost done, so thats pretty much the only thing keeping me going. Anyways I dont have anything to special to blog about today, however I do have a more couple inspirational photos, even though I think I blogged with some other inspiration photos this week.. oh well haha. Oh yeah I also ended up returning two out of the three pairs of shoes I splurged on, the grey boots and first pair of heels down below. I just feel like I should save up a little since there like 50 other "to buy" items on my list.

Please feel free to comment too guys, I love getting to read your thoughts and opinions =D
Anyways Im off to sleep so night night =)


Secretista said...

I love pale skin! Almost done with school? Graduating College?

R said...

Glad to here that lol, it seems everyone loves fake bakers. Sadly no, I graduated high school last year, Im just finishing off my first year of college.

emma said...

pale yes, gorueous absolutley. I love it

Rumi said...

Ooh that is an awesome pale person. What an amazing photo.