Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Closet.. dun dun dun!

Yeahh, I cleaned out my closet and room etc. I know I said I would do this like 3 weeks ago, but I finally got to it today. Im pretty much the worlds biggest procrastinator when it comes to this type of thing. I went through all my drawers and closet for a MUCH need cleanout/organization. It took me an approx exhausting 2 hours or so. Oh well now its done, the hardest part is going to be keeping it that way. My cat decided to help me out as well, after I went back to my drawer, I realized she had decided to take a nap on my nicely folded clothes, note to self not to leave the drawers open anymore. Now Im going to have to de-fur them all, but you cant stay mad when shes pulling that "puss-in-boots" look.
And yeah it rained today.. sadly the weather people are always right when it comes to predicting the bad things. I might be a little slow on blogging this coming week, because I really need to force myself into exam studying, but after this friday Im freeee, free, free =D

I encourage all you other fellow procrastinator's to fix up your closet as well, spring cleaning, yayy

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