Thursday, May 31, 2012


I've been finding it really difficult to get in blogging time, it used to be so easy but somehow I keep pushing it behind other tasks, but the weather is total crap today and I've just been lounging around, and just made a yummy smoothie, so what better time for a post.

Smoothies are my new thing, I've been enjoying them so much lately, I use the Vega smoothie the orange pack and usually blend them with a banana, frozen blueberries a bit of Flax and Chia seed, a bit of a juice and water. Very yummy. I also recently tried Vega's new updated "Vega One" formula, and it tastes soo much better than the last one, I like the vanilla bean.
My Smoothie

Usually this time of the year I start thinking about things I want for summer, I don't particularly have any exciting wants this year, but here is my list so far:

1. New summer bag, I have a yellow one that I love to use but its seen better days.. thinking about trying out some kind of leather cleaner on it, but I don't really know if something like that works.

2. Perfect pink nail polish, I love this colour Chiara from the blonde salad is wearing, but I don't know what brand it is.

3. Summer tees, the gap has got some great basic tees right now, apparently they were inspired by Alexander Wang tees. Perfect slouch and softness. I got a black crew, I would usually prefer v but I think I will go back and get another few, maybe crew and v, only $19.95, so the price is right!

4. Bright bottoms. I'm usually pretty neutral with my bottoms, but I love all the colours out there right now! Soo many to choose from, from shorts to pants, brights and pastels there must be hundreds of shades.

5. New perfume, actually I just bought Estee Lauder bronze goddess perfume, I bought the oil a couple of years ago, why I have no idea because it gets all over your clothes, so when I saw they had it again this summer I was so thrilled and had to buy it, it literally smells like summer in a bottle to me, so delicious.

6. Beachy wave hair spray. Cant decide yet which one I am going to get, I keep saying every year I will get one but still haven't, so this is the year. I hear good things about the bumble&bumble one, so I might try that.

Im also becoming really obsessed with Pinterest! So addicting, check out the link on the side to view and follow me! :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hello everyone, so this past week has been the start of my new adventures of eating more exciting and better foods. My first new recipe I tryed was from the blog oh she glows. She has amazing looking vegan recipes, I cant wait to try more. The first I tryed was the black bean and butternut squash burrito, which was amazzzing. Seriously awesome success. I didnt take a picture of mine, but this is a picture from oh she glows, and mine actually turned out very similar!

Tonight Im going to be having leftover curry in a hurry, I should take a picture of it, because its also amazing.

So over the last week, it has been clean-up week, throwing out old clothes and stuff I dont use anymore, I still have the issues of way to much stuff. I know I've been saying this for a long time but I definitely need a complete room overall and makeover.. summer project perhaps? Id really like to stick to that one.

Lastly, I added a pinterest button on the side of my blog for anyone who would like to follow me! I finally joined the pinterest craze about a week ago, and I must say its very addictng. I dont have a great number of pictures yet, but Im sure it wont take me long! I added a few of my faves from my computer just to get me going too.