Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Natural Beauty

I found these fabulous photos on supermodel.nl. The model is Elena Melnik and photographer Marcus Mam. I love how frogs and owls can look so amazingly awesome! I want them right now =) The flower necklace is also gorgeous, I imagine all of these pieces are beyond my spending reach but still, one can dream. The model plus her make-up also look amazing.

Tommorow Im finally going to H&M, Yayy, hopefully I can find some good purchases =D Anyways I posted earlier today because unfortunately I will be studying for a test the next few evenings. I really cannot wait for school to be done.. three more weeks, let the countdown begin! Oh yeah I "made" a new header as well, it's actually just a picture I took.. but I might still try to attempt making a more complex one haha. Please remember to check out my boot post from a few days ago, still trying to decide.


Caroline said...

aaaahhhhhhhh thank you for posting this! its too beautiful.

Secretista said...