Sunday, June 29, 2008


Okayy I know I've been whining about having cold weather, but now Im so hot that I think I will literally be stuck to this leather couch, until tommorow morning due to the fact that I am officially fused to it. Im such a pansy when it comes to weather, when it gets hot I can hardly hold my head up, but Im not complaining so much that I want it to leave, because I still love this sticky misery =) Some areas got it worse than me anyway, one at 40c(104F) So Im just happy that wasn't me hahaha

Anyways I have honestly been just laying around home in super thin tanks, plain skirts and barefoot, we bought these new chairs and this amazing device that produces mist, so that was me for the past two days, lounging in mist =D

I did however stop by the mall today just because it was the only cool place I could think of, it was pretty dissapointing however, all the stores were fairly empty, making room for their new fall items I suppose, it should be better within the coming weeks.

Anyways I found some recent pictures of MK and I have to say I think she looks better than she has in a long time, love all her outfits, and shes so glowy! I find she really looks like Ash in these pictures, yeah I know theyre twins and all, but I find they usually look quite different haha

Friday, June 27, 2008

Life's A Beach

So I think I can officially say that summer is here *knock on wood*. Anyways We're finally getting some decent weather so of course my natural instinct screams beach. So I went to the beach today, relaxed with the latest life and style magazine, had sandwiches and icecream. Also I would like to note that I did in fact wear spf 45, and somehow I still ended up with this retarded burn, resulting in blobs of red on my arm that somewhat resembles and indian burn gone wrong, and little red streaks on my legs and ankles, seriously how the hell am I gonna fix this without looking like a patched up frankenstein! Anywayys note to self to make sure I cover Everywhere next time, sigh.

After coming home and polishing off all the sunscreen and sand I headed downtown to eat. After a quick bite my friend and I watched a dance performance that included one of our friends, which happened to be very good!
Do to the uncomfortable driving weather, I just ended up wearing some jean ankle capris, flip flops, a bright emerald tee, and brought my black michael kors jacket along for later.

Now that it's supposed to stay nice for more than one day in a row I've got a few things on the agenda, this includes a Canada day celebration which will most likely result in some type of fireworks, and outdoor film festival on the beach, Also Im really wanting to go back to watch another shakespeare play on the beach, I went last year and it was really cool and lastly hit up the asian night market for some cheap cool goodies! Oh and I have that new 100 bucks from the government to plan a mini shopping spree, woohoo!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

July Picks

Inspired by Mary-kate and Ashleys monthly hip-picks, yeahh I read those haha. Anyways I decided to create my own "hip-picks," some topics are taken from theirs, others I created myself. For July I obviously decided to go with a summer theme, so enjoy and I urge you to create your own picks, take my topics or create your own =)

Summer vacation flick: Wedding Crashers or Into the Blue
(Seriously how can a cover like that not scream summer?)Recent purchase: Almost knee-high brown leather seychelles boots(picture hopefulyyyy coming soon)

Obsession of the moment: Florals clothing, especially dresses, and these little rosebud minty melt chocolates, I swear they are addictive
(Minus those little white sprinkle things though)
Summer make-up must have: Victorias Secret lipgloss, the pink lemonade flavour

Best summer song: Anything Bob Marley
Best summer treat: Tim Hortons Ice Cap
Summer must: Too many!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Middle of Nowhere

Another fun little photo I thought I would share, this seems pretty cool to me as well, I love how completely random it is, yet also slightly creepy haha. I think if I saw this boutique Id be a little bit spooked hahah even more so if they added some "staff" mannequins. Yeahhh, thats a fake Prada store =PPhotos found from

Monday, June 23, 2008

An Inverted World

Soo today while I was sitting in an optometrist waiting area, I discovered this new magazine sitting on the little table called The Block (Yay I found out how to do this little linky thing =)) Anyways I found it to be a pretty cool magzine (and suprisingly I think its local) Anywayys as I was flipping through I came across something even more amazing. How one earth I ever did not notice this earlier I'll never know, perhaps Im in my own little world a little to much? It happens a lot more than you would think. Anywayss Viktor & Rolfs Milan boutique blew me away. Their idea is absolutely brilliant in my mind.. of course I get a little tipsy just looking at the photos, but I would lovee to go see it in person! Here are some photos for any of you also in your own little world =)PS- Love their website too, one of my fave designer websites I must say, it just seems so enchanting, I love the music and the little black ribbon idea. Seriously, is the land of Narnia behind those doors?

PPS- I know I've been such a horrible blogger lately, but I intend to be more consistent with my posts, I took my camera in today and the guy has a suggestion which I will try tommorow, and hopefully it will be up and running again, I need to show my new booots!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Stella McCartney Resort '09

Not much to say these past couple of days, just work.. ahh boring, yes. Therefore I really have little to blog about.

Howeverrr, I also enjoyed Stella McCartneys resort 09'.. so here were some of my faves =)

(Probably one of my most fave looks ^ althought It's a pretty close call)(Why am I suddenly so attracted to orange? Orange has always been one of my most disliked colors, and now suddenly Im so drawn to it.. weird)(Unexpected places that um.. rubber duckies? pop up, either way shes rockin' the yellow thingies)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Compromised Vision

While browsing the net, I found these photos that I was immediately drawn too.. I love the use of the light and how it hits the fog. I dont remember the source I found it from but I can probably find it again if your interested in knowing, just let me know.. In my latest saved photos I have tryed to record where I got them from, so any new photos I post, I will include that info. Enjoy =)

PS I bought the coldplay cd and Lovee it! Go to Itunes right now and listen, go, go!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Sun Does Exist!!

As I woke up today, I was startled by this unusual sort of brightness for 9am.. I quickly got up to see what unusual phenomenon was causing this. I almost gasped outloud.. SUN! After litterally a record breaking cold/cloudy/rainy umm 10 months? I think everyone was absolutely thrilled to have a genuine sunny, warm, pretty much cloudless day. I know I was, I decided I had to go downtown on this joyous occasion.
Soo off I went downtown, I did only a slight amount of shopping, but somehow still ended up spending big. Remember those boots I mentioned a few posts ago? Well turns out they were 50% off, so I couldnt resist!! They are almost knee height, brown leather with some buckles happening here and there, and probably about a 3/3.5 heel. Regular $265.. I got them for about $90.. but then our ridiculous tax brought it up to more like $100.. still fairly good savings =)
Oh and I saw these freakin adorable Miu Miu boots.. but at $1040.. I wasnt buying ;)

After my quick shop, we headed off to the beach, took a stroll down the sea wall, and went to this little take-out place on the beach to order fish and chips =) Then we sat on a bench and pretty much people watched. Good day for viewing I must add.. um hot guys jogging topless/playing beach volleyball, yeah pretty good =) But there were also the "please put some clothes on" type people, one perhaps being the 80yr old wearing a speedo, help! my eyess!

I did take pictures.. and also spent about an hour trying to fix the camera so I could load them onto the computer, but being the not-so-techy type person I am, couldn't figure it out.. We're going to take the camera back to where we bought it tommorow, so hopefully this nonsense can be fixed once and for all! I did however take one view photo on my cell.. so enjoy my nice sunny day! =D

PS: The new coldplay CD comes out tommorow, Yay!! Can't wait
*update, I stayed up after 12am so I could hear it hehe, LOVE IT, so buying it =)
Oh and while waiting I noticed on, "The worlds best places to live in 2008"
Im number 4! With highest life expectancy, woo! go us, see if your city is on the list!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday the 13th

No Im not crazy, I know yesterday was Friday the 13th.. but I didnt have time to blog.. so it's todays title. So how was everyones friday the 13th, anything unlucky happen?.. It was kind of the opposite for me.. I won $8 on a lottery ticket which pretty much never happens to me haha.

Ok now about my purchase from a couple days ago... So I was basically dragged to my most detested grocery store.. when I got there I saw this huge clothing section, it turned out to be amazingly actually kind of good lol! So much stuff to choose from, fairly decent quality and everything was superrr cheap! I got two tanks $3 each. And a black slightly high-waisted tiered skirt for like $15.. oh and it was like no tax day, seriously how awesome is that?

Today: Went to winners.. found two pretty cool bags, but one was $170 and I just couldnt bring myself to spend that much (Although I must say lately when I get payed I've been having huge urges to go out and buy expensive items? Help me please before Im poor!) But I did end up with a camel? brown colored leather bag, Its fairly large and Im hoping my laptop will fit into it for when I go back to school in the fall.. if not it's still cute enough to wear laptop-less.

Okay so now the problem: I took photos of an outfit from a few days ago on my normal camera, but of course I couldn't load them onto my computer. So I've been attempting to take pictures on my cell phone camera. After looking back at these photos.. I honestly cannot bring myself to post them, because the quality is beyond horrible, and basically makes everything look like crap.
So untill I solve this issue.. I sadly have to postpone any outfit or recent purchase photos =(

Back to my old question anyone know of decent not to expensive cameras? Or do I have to go expensive for good quality? Or.. try to fix my old one by taking it in?

, R =)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brian Reyes Resort '09

After viewing most of the resort collections, I concluded that Brian Reyes was one of my favorites.. I really love the simple and light look he went for, It made me long more for the light and breezy warm summer Im hoping to, *cough* soon receive.
Here are a few of my faves out of his collection:

I think this first look is my fave Not usually an orange or pale yellow fan, but I absolutely lovee them both!

Tommorow I'll post piks of my, um.. surprising? new purchases..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boredom Browsing

Not much to do today in the clouds beside some internet browsing, and I happened to come across some pretty good Michael Kors shoe deals. So here they are:

(Not exactly Summer boots, but since its looking more like january Im not to concerned about it.. Michael Kors $170 at (Also Michael Kors, Im really loving the patent plus zipper, $150 from nordstrom)

(Michael Kors again and best deal of all, on sale at nordstrom for $64.00!)
I wish that I could order any of these online but with international shipping charges + duty.. it completely destroys any savings.

Wish I had more to say for today.. but all in all it was a pretty blah day =)

Monday, June 9, 2008


It was a lovely "June-uary" day today, waterfalls rushing down hills, flash floods at the bottom, thunder and lightning in the background, wind blowing nickel size raindrops under my umbrella and into my face. Accompanied by a lovely 10c temp. Ah for june to act like january!

Okay.. in all seriousness, if I dont get some warm weather sunshine soon.. I might actually lose my mind! What on earth is happening to our weather!?
Anyways I took a few pictures today amongst rainy boredom, too bad my cell phone couldnt really capture the rain.. but I tryed haha
( What these horrible drops of rain can do to my poor sunshine yellow leather bag :( )(A mini waterfall happening at the side of our house, I probably could have taken a shower under my neighbours gutter/trouch thing..whatever you may call it)

Like I wanted to post yesterday these were the simple bracelets my aunt brought back from Greece, the one on the right also has this cute little hand on the chain that does it up which says "hand made"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Worldly Jewelry

So I've been working quite a bit the past couple days, which has totally wiped me out with my complete lack of energy.. it's pretty sad, I know, I should work on this haha. On friday however, while tagging along with my mom we stopped at this cool riverside market, I found this little store called Touch Of Africa, the man working their was so friendly, and began sticking a whole bunch of random bracelets and cuffs onto my arm. He was telling me some cool random facts about copper, which some may or not believe. Anyways he has a website if you wanted to find out more about the copper or bracelets, he also sells other artifacts and things as well.
I didnt get much time to really look around in detail but I have a feeling I will go back this week, I really love how his jewellery is all hand made, I feel like it makes it a lot more special, you know? Im thinking of perhaps one of these along with maybe a copper bracelet.

All easily adjustable too which is nice because I find bracelets are usually so huge they almost fall off, I also wanted to post a simple bracelet that my aunt brought me from greece.. but we'll have to save that for tommorow since Im somewhat consumed at the moment while watching Transformers on tv!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

2-Day Shop Recap

Ah sorry for lack of updates.. I've been spending my past couple of days by getting up umcomfortably early.. shopping.. followed by a nap.. followed by work not getting home till after 1030pm..And I finally got to go to IHOP after craving my classic shortstack of pancakes and their awesome variety of syrups =)

So yesterday I went to H&M, did my complicated return stuff.. I almost made it out of the mall, but stopped in at Aritizia and bought this overpriced artsy type hoodie. Did I ever mention that Iam a total hoodie addict? I know, not considered the most fashionable piece, maybe I can be like Justin and bring sexy back, except it would be hoodies. Honestly I own over 10 hoodies lol! And when temperatures are sitting at a ridiculously low tempereture, try 10c (50F) rainy,windy.. hoodies can come in handy. I had taken pictures, but my camera won't allow me to load them onto my computer, annoying yes..

Today, I finally got to go to a target and check out Rogan's collection. It was slightly picked over, but I did see the blazer, which I must say it pretty cool looking, its white/grey... online it just looks plain.. but when looked at in person you can tell the white is overlaying a cool leopard print! As well as the black jeans have a very subtle leopard style print on the side, Rumi of fashiontoast has a good picture displaying the black jeans if you want to check it out.

Anyways this is what I ended up with:

(Im not usually a graphic tee kind of person, but I just thought this looked pretty cool)(I was really hoping to see this comfy oversized sweater, and was so sad when I didn't.. but then I found it in blue! It looks blue from far away, but when up closer its kind of got little black stripes.. andd super comfy!)(I didn't get this dress but I thought it was pretty cool as well, it was kind of sheer in the giraffe-y/leopard-ey? sections, I was wearing a teal colored tank today and then it made this dress look like it had a blue underlay, so if you wore different colored tanks you could have one dress that produces a lot of different looks.. hope all of that made sense lol!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Quickey

So I really havent been doing much the beginning of this week.. the weather is extremely depressing, It litterally rained since I woke up.. and is still raining, do we not deserve a little sunshine? Tommorow Im going back to H&M, I think Im going to return a couple of things (I've sadly become one of those impulse buyers and then after it sitting in my closet unworn for awhile, I realize I should probably just return it..) Im going to be pissing off the employees though since I want to return the stuff I just bought, and then exchange my old stuff so my new stuff is cheaper? See your already like wth? that makes no sense.. So yeah I dont think they will be too happy.

Oh and for all your Hills watchers out there, yeah I watch.. why? I honestly don't know because it's become really stupid.. anyways I saw this quote that Heidi recently stated and though it was hilarious

"I'm ready to say 'I do' whenever he is ready to really propose to me, down on one knee, with the right ring. The other one failed. Why would we use a failed ring? A new ring means a fresh start, a fresh love and a fresh engagement. Plus, I didn't get to pick it out. I want ... more something much bigger, and one that comes from the heart, not some purple thing."

Soo.. let me get this straight she wants a "new fresh love" so this means a bigger more expensive not-purple diamond that she picks out.. yeahh true love right there haha!

Oh! And my latest song pick is Homecoming by Kanye west feat. Chris Martin
Im seriously obsessed with coldplay right now and cannot wait for their new CD to come out!! Sadly I really think Kanye West is an insanely arrogant ass of a person, but he has some really catchy songs lol!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Big Debate

So as I was working today, I got a little bored.. and started to wonder what I liked more, winter or summer? And I dont mean weather-wise, I mean clothes-wise of course. So I made a little list Winter:
-Like to wear all sorts of boots of course
-Wearing all different types of leggings/tights
-Wearing scarves.. I love to wear scarves year round.. but I like when you need to wear them to be all cozy
At the same time.. winter can be so cold and wet sometimes I just give up on all cute fashion boots and jackets and dress like a big snowman to keep warm and dry.
-No jackets needed
-Get to wear short sleevless flowy dresses
-Sandals and flip flops
-Getting to buy bathing suits and wearing them all day long sometimes!

So before this list I was kind of thinking winter.. but now that I make my list I really dont know which I like to dress for more. I love winter because I feel like you can almost be more creative with all the different layers, you can basically wear all that you wear in the summer just by adding tights or boots etc. But at the same time summer is so easy and light, its sometimes nice to just dress in a simple dress and bare feet in sandals.. So I guess I really just love dressing for both seasons.

What about you guys, do you have a more favored season?

And R.I.P Yves Saint Laurent August 1, 1936-June 1-2008