Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Joining the Army

The Army and Navy shoe sale that is =) It's one of those sales that gets pretty chaotic, shoes everywhere and people fighting to get the best ones first. Luckily I think they bring out new rounds of shoes every couple of hours or so. However, Im going to try not to buy unless theres something I really love, because lately Ive been going a little shoe crazy. Last year I got this really cute pair of bcbg heels, for only $30, and I think they were originially around $100 or more. Those are the kind of deals I just cant resist. I'll probably hit it this weekend, after Im free of having these exams looming over my head, making me feel too guilty to go shopping right now. If I buy anything I will try to post some piks, even if it is just with my cell phone camera. Back to studying now =(


aficionada said...

OMG I so shouldn't learn of this. I am a shoe addict.

1234 said...

i wonder if this sale is nation wide..