Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Guilty as Charged

Yeahh, that's me guilty of spending wayy to much when Im supposed to be on a "spending" diet. But what I found was just all too cute, I couldn't resist. I did however end up returning the grey boots and Im going to return the black heels tommorow, I do like them but I need to somewhat compensate for what I did today, because yeah Im feeling pretty guilty. So since I still can't take pictures Im just going to have to describe what I bought today. First stop was to Winners, my weakness, I needed some new gym/work-out clothes, so I bought:
-Dark grey Adidas athletic pants
-Brown Adida capris
-Navy blue with tourqoisey striped sided Adida shorts
-Two nike tops, one torqoisey(to match) and one bright pink, usually Im soo not a bright pink person, but this matched well with the brown and grey pants.
I just realized too that all the athletic bottoms I bought were adidas..
Anyways I also bought two bags, there was this darkish red bag with fringes on sale for only 16.00, it was such a good deal, and I cant resist good deals. I almost made it out the door but then I stumbled across a lovellyy yellow leather bag, my biggest splurge of the day. Ive been wanting a more seafoamy green purse for spring, but since I havent found one yet, yellow was my 2nd choice and it was just so amazing. Next stop H&M:
-Very dark (almost black) navy blue vest, with tiny, not very visible stripes
-Navy blue military style jacket, I guess you could call it military, anyways this was probably my most fave purchase of the day. Its navy blue with gold buttons on the front, and exposed gold zippers on the sleeves. Soo cute
-Pink/Yellow and white scarf, also a little bit of silvery sparkles mixed in.
-Black and gold, fairly simple long necklace

Id really love love to get some pictures happening on here but I still cant figure out how to fix my stupid camera, its saying Files errors if anyone knows how to fix that =( So for now I'll just have to stick to descriptions.
Off to study now, big test tommorow..dun dun dun..


Secretista said...

That's a lot of stuff!

I would reccommend getting a photobucket account. You can paste the html in your posts! That's what I do, and it allows me to size the photos however I want.

R said...

Thanks for the tip! But my problem is I cant even take picutres with my camera, whenever I try it says "file error"