Monday, March 31, 2008

Controversial Cover

As Im sure you've all heard, the latest issue of vogue has stirred up a little bit of controversy. Apparently, Lebron James, looks like "King Kong" and Vogue potrays him as some type of bad black man, and Gisele as some pretty helpless white woman. I've also read that many people think they should have chosen a more "civilized" photo of the two of them, instead of Lebron looking like and "Ape," I also read this; "There are a number of black high fashion models they could've paired him with and other shots they could've used of him. At least put him in a suit. He carries a suit VERY well."

Personally, I think this is just going too far, I think the media is making all of this into a bigger deal than it really is. I also don't see why he should have to be paired with a model who is also black, to me that would have been just as controversial if not more, because then people would have been saying, "Oh, he has to be paired with another black person, why can't he be with a white model." I feel like the media always likes to turn the tables on these types of things, I mean aren't we trying to show younger kids and everyone that different races dont matter, everone is equal? So why does the media turn it into something racist, when in fact it's just an athlete and a model? To me this is just showing younger children that races do matter. Anyways I hope that all made sense haha, so what are your guys thoughts on this controversy?

Also please check out my post from a couple of days ago, Im still trying to decide!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to black..and white

(Photographer:John Cowan)
(Photographer: Terence Donovan)
I was looking through my folder, and I came across these photos, there from quite awhile ago and I dont remember where I got them, but I love them, so I thought I would share, I also stuck this one of MK in there because she follows with my black and white theme, and she pulls it off so well! I absolutely love the boots, the necklace, it all just works for me really.
Btw, Im really hoping to make a new header, my last one was just such a sad lost battle with the PSP I had to take it down, after a week of staring at a blank header I decided I would give it another go, so look for that within a couple of days. Also check out the post below I still really want opinions on my shoes.. I just cant decide.. my most undecided are the last ones, because after looking at fashion toasts short minnetonkas, and after mulling them over for quite some time now, Im debating whether I should get some of those instead..

Friday, March 28, 2008

Nope, Its not Spring

So half of today was basically a full on blizzard, complete with the wind and huge snowflakes. The other half of the day was just freezing. I love snow, but it's spring, so I want spring, I need to wear spring clothing! Im sick of bundle-ing up. After school I ended up just coming home because It was so cold I didnt feel like going anywhere else. Later in the day though when it stopped snowing I decided to check out a Winners.. that led to trouble, aka spending lots of money, Winners is definitely a weakness. I ended up getting:
- black seychelles heels
- black report ankle boots,
- also a purple french connection dress for only 19.99(Can't find a picture)
Still I definitely need to stop shopping so much, Im feeling really guilty about buying three pairs of shoes in the last couple of days.. I found some pictures on the internet, fairly accurate looking, although I never feel that empty shoe pictures look quite as good as actually wearing them. I would take pictures myself, but my camera is still saying File Error, and I dont know how to fix it. So here they are, the last grey ones are the bronx ones I bought a couple of days ago.

So what do you think, to keep or not to keep?
P.S I dont know why the font keeps looking differnet on my posts, sry about that but I cant fix it lol

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its Spring, right?

Today was a crazy day, I honestly thought our crazy west coast weather was making progress towards spring, and yet today showed just how crazy our weather can be. It snowed, thats right snow, it was windy, then it rained and then the sun came back out then back to clouds... it was just a mixed up day, but it was soo cold! I stopped into Timmys for a nice warm hot chocolate, and I didnt win on my "Roll up the Rim", Do they even have winners in these cups? honestly Ive bought at least 20 cups and there all, "Please try again."
Anyways Im still looking forward to hopefully one day getting to wear summery clothes again, I found these cute dresses from wetseal, usually I cannot be bothered with this store, because it looks like a tornado has struck it everytime I look in. That just discourages me. I also know that the quality is not good here, but for something thats only around $22, I sometimes dont mind. Ive also decided that this weeked needs to be my room clean-out weekend. Its gotten pretty bad I must admit, I cant even find this belt Ive been looking for, so my plan is to clean up and organize all my clothes, what a chore this will be, hopefully I can force myself to do this and not just get lazy.. =) Anways back to watching planet earth, I have to say also I find this show hard to watch.. poor little deer, deers? they always get eaten =(

Monday, March 24, 2008


Well Im in the middle of doing homework, but I just wanted to do a quick post and see how everyones easter was! Mine was actually quite good, no horrific family moments haha, I would share what I wore but it really was not an exciting outfit, I had to choose something that I definitely did not care about, my aunt has big dogs, west coast rain, the dogs like to jump on you, put that equation together and the result is ruined clothes lol. Ive lost many items there, some fave flip flops got turned into a throwing toy. So yeah other than that it was a good easter, Ive been sucking back jelly beans, and chocolate all day, Yay!

Before work today I managed to get a quick slip into Winners, long enough to find a cute pair of shortish dark grey leather boots from Bronx. They were on sale, it was a pretty crappy sale but hay its still a sale. Im still debating whether to keep them or not, Ive jut got to see if I can manage to keep them cute with different outfits. I hope to have a better post soon, just a little swamped with school work right now since my semester is ending soonish =)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ring Ring

Well, I didnt get to goto H&M today, but I did get to goto a mall, so thats better than nothing I suppose. Checked out aritizia, they have some adorably cute wrap cardigans, in unbelievably soft material, but I just cant bring myself to spend $200 on something that I know is going to pill within a month. Anyways I bought a few rings from Aldo accessories, the black and the four colors. I was originally planning to show my super sparkly ring, and I wanted to show off my new nail polish, its Rimmel London in Fantasy, but my camera is still totally messed up and I have no idea how to fix it, files errors? I tryed using my camera on my cell phone, but the quality just didnt show off the rings as good as my normal camera, so I limited it to just this one photo.

Also, I had to post Rachel Bilson in what I believe is the March issue of Nylon. The spread was just too cute, as is Rachel. Rachel has definitely become one of my favorite celebrity style icons, she looks awesome in just about everything she wears. I hear Rachel is teaming up with DKNY to help design a line, I definitely have high hopes for her, unlike some other celebrity lines. *cough cough* Heidi Montag, do we even call her a celebrity? honestly. After her unbelievably horrid music video, I couldnt expect any better from her clothing line. In general I dont like celebrity clothing lines, however, there are a rare few that do past the test. What do you guys think, who passes the celeb clothing line test, if any?

Btw, happy Easter guys in case I dont get a chance to blog tommorow, I hope you guys enjoy splurging on lindt bunnys, cream eggs and just lots of chocolate in general, I know I plan too =D

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bracelet lusting

I thought these bracelets, were too cute, very MK I thought, except MK does a lot of snakes, and since im terrified of snakes I thought that these were a super cute susbstitute to the snake. The elephant looks kind of hard to makeout in the picture. But sadly I wont be spending $400/$700 dollars for either of them. Looks like I'll have to find a cheaper substitute :)
Finally the weekend, Im seriously hoping to get to H&M because the last time I went it was still mostly winter stuff, and yesterday was the first day of spring, Yay! Im hoping to find a couple of cute dresses. Even though I wont be able to wear them for awhile, I plan to pair up with some leggings/tights. The first couple days of spring have actually been depressingly cold, Im hoping this wont last too long, because Im definitely ready for some warmer weather.
Hmm also, while at Winners today I saw a couple of cute bcbg silky dresses, and Im not sure how to make them look more casual, what do you guys think?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Model of the Moment

Well today there was another singer at the mall, Danny Hernandes or something, I had never really heard of him, but I had to miss it yet again due to work. So lately there has been a model that has been standing out for me, at first glance in one of her runway shows I thought she was Gemma Ward, I just think shes so cute, so in my new category,Sasha Pivovarova is the model of the moment =)

Sorry todays post is incredibly short, I just think I might fall asleep while typing since for some reason Im soo tired, so Im off to sleeep, night night =)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Talk to me

(Ignore these girls blocking my photo view!)

Oh my, today was an exciting day, I saw George <3. Wow what a cutie he was in his little lacoste polo! Unfortunately I missed his performance because of school. I didn't however want wait in the screaming and pushing preteen mob of people to get an autograph. It seems silly to me for a little scribble on paper in which the girl before me got almost an identical copy, it’s not memorable you know, I dont want to be another typical, "Your so cool" fan. So I decided to sit back and take in the view, and a good view it was, although a hug would have been nice. Anyways let’s get to what I wore, I had to get up super early for school, so I decided to keep it nice and simple.
-White v-neck tee from U.O
-Longish grey cardi from H&M
-Dark wash skinny jeans from A&f
-Grey leather ankle boots from Aldo (my super deal, theres a pik at the beginning of my blog)
-Necklace from H&M
-My blingbling ring(oval shape swarovski crystal ring, so cute and sparkly) and my tanzanite ring

Btw, if you don’t know who George is, check out his myspace page

Monday, March 17, 2008

Going Green

In spirit of St.Patricks day, I thought I would stick with my green theme. Here are a few items I found around the net, The first dress, I love, it reminds me of my favorite little blue dress from when I was like 6. The 2nd little tote bags arent exactly the cutest but I love how they come in a 5 pack and can roll up so easily and be tucked away into your purse. Not to mention they're water proof, which is a must when living on the west coast. The last two items are from a website where all of the items are organic/green. Also happy to mention my cold seems to be finally leaving, yay! Unfortunately the cough will stick around for awhile.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Unfortunately Ive been fighting a cold the past few days now, not fun, Im going kind of house crazy so today I forced myself to go out. I have my famous cough, which many like to call the bark, the goose, the honk.. etc. Yes mean I know, but it does sound pretty bad, and by now, Im used to getting the stares. Anyways Im seriously hoping this cold will be gone by tommorow.

So I dont know about you guys but when Im sick I tend to watch a lot of movies, tonight I watched "Into the Wild". I thought it was a really excellent movie, what made it even more interesting was the fact that it was based on a true story, I recommend it to anyone looking for something different then a typical chick flick. It really opened my eyes and made me think. Ive always thought I loved the city, but this movie made me realize how much I also enjoy some good wilderness. This also inspired me to go green, I must admit I could be doing more, but Ive decided to start off by taking small steps at a time, hopefully this will include my fashion ways as well. Im not exactly well educated in this department, yes I know the no more plastic bags, turn off your lights etc, but if anyone else has some other tips, Id be happy to hear them =)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Purchases of the Day

Well today was a good old trip to Walmart, I had to stock up on a few essentials, St.Ives exfoliating face scrub, winter has unfortunately dried out my skin. Also I finally found a nice dark purple nail polish that I have been searching for, its from Rimmel but Ive forgotten the name, picked up the new issue of Teen vogue, and I had to get a couple of little gel cushies to put in my boots. I also found a cute little leopard print scarf, Im not one for too much animal print but I like a little tossed in here and there. I also picked up a plain black (fairly shortish) skirt from Old Navy.Oh and the yummiest part, some disgusting flavored cough medicine =(

After missing last season America's Next Top Model, I was excited to be able to watch this season, I thought it was quite interesting with Tyra's new theme about models making a difference. So on tonights episode I must say I was completely disgusted when the photo shoot was in some sort of meat warehouse and the models were wearing slabs of meat as bras, scarves and underwear! I was in absolute shock, I usually have respect for Tyra, but this was what I thought to be incredibly disrespectful, wrong and hypocritical of Tyra. I have lost quite a lot of respect for her now, as someone who is basically a vegetarian and loves animals, I am also hoping for her to make some sort of apology for this.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shoe Crazyy

Well, lately it seems Ive been seeing a lot of different style of heels, Im not exactly sure how I feel about these quite yet(although I am leaning towards a more classic heel), but lets just say you probably wont be seeing me in them for awhile. The scuba heels.. I really cant picture ever wearing, I mean how would you walk in those? Or are they meant for fashionable swimming? The last ones, I can really only ever see a ballerina pulling those off, because my feet would be instantly dead or I would just fall over :) So what do you guys think?

Also I could be mia for awhile due to a crappy cold and studying for a big test, but I shall try to squeeze in a bit of time. Also Im still on the lookout for a photographer and then hopefully I cant get some nice outfit posts on here, because I really dont want to have to do the "mirror" photo in my bedroom.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Lately I think rings have been my favorite accessory obsession. I love bigger, different, unique looking rings, or ones that really sparkle and grab attention, Also by the looks of this little collage I made I have a thing for turqouise rings as well.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lazy Days

Well today, was definitely a lazy day, one to catch up on some sleep, I only went out for about an hour, then I watched Titanic on tv, and so that wasted about 4 hours of time, yes 4 hours with commercials, crazy. Anyways I didnt figure out how to fix my camera but I did figure out how to upload pictures from my new cell phone. Honestly I love my new phone, It's just the fact that it's new I think, I had my other phone for over 3 years, basic, no camera, so thats ancient in cell phone years. Anyways it made do, but the contract ran out so now I have the sony ericsson in grey and blue, so cute =). Anyways this enabled me to get that picture of my new clutch/purse which I cannot get over the lovely color of, also you can make it into two different styles! I hope pictures do it justice, although It does have a slightly more purple tinge to it in real life.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blue Steal

So today I thought I would check out Winners, since I hadn't been there in awhile I was hoping they would have some new stuff in. There wasn't too much new, so my visit was made in a recordly short amount of time, but all was not lost. I found an adorable clutch/purse whatever you want to call it, in the most amazzzzing color. I absolutely love love this color, it's going to look amazing in a dimly lit place! (It's in the purpley/blue spectrum of color) I was going to take a picture, but unfortunately something is wrong with my camera =( something about a file error? wish I knew how to fix that.. since it's not technically my camera and all.. oops

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Street Style

Just a few random photos from my folder, mostly from various fashion weeks I believe. I really like the red pants/leopard scarf, and normally if someone had described that outfit to me I would cringe at the thought, considering im not exactly a colored jeans fan. But somehow she manages to make it look very appealing. Also not usually in sight on my radar is plaid shoes, but again it somehow looks so adorable, perhaps the cute flowly black skirt helps. The other four photos I just automatically became attracted towards, cute colorful spring like scarves? Check. Flowy black dress with leather jacket adding clutch of one of my new fave colors? Check. Adorable belted cardigan with what looks like a lovely chiffon floral dress? Check. Im definitely going to be looking for some bright spring type scarves soon.

Also I just had to vent about something thats really been bothering me. So heres my story: I was on a random website when I saw, "Subscribe to teen vogue, two years only $10!!! This seemed so cheap, I was like why not? So I click on it, of course only for US residents, so I follow the way to the Canadian subscriptions, only to see that one year is only $25 not to mention that a year is 10 issues. It just made me so annoyed, that its not even close to what it had originally said and isnt a subscription supposed to be saving you? I mean how much trouble can it really be to send 100 bound pieces of paper across the border? Needless to say, I did not end up subscribing.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Shopping Recap

Well, it was a little dissapointing that the only two items on my list were basically sold out. I was told "sorry no more white tanks".. next time I suppose. Then I went to look for the infamous nail polish stick only to notice there was ONE left, and not in the color I wanted. Some luck I had today. But the day was not totally lost when I purchased a cute pair of lighter washed capri jeans, slightly destroyed might I add, my very first destroyed anything. Of course I had to have some of those yummy pretzel sticks also, honestly I dont think I could goto the US without having some of those!
Now unfortunately, I have to go back to homework :(

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fool's Gold

Last night I got home too late to blog, I went to see Fool's Gold. Good movie I thought, I enjoy typical know-how-it-ends/chick flick movies. Kate hudson also happens to have a very cute sense of style, so I thought it would be a good time to display my psp collage. I must say Im getting slightly better with this program, with simple stuff anyways, Im not quite ready to lose another header battle yet.

Also Im very excited for another shopping day tommorow, going to the big U.S of A. Hopefully I'll be able to scoop up some good bargains of some sort. On my list is a basic white tank, my old one needs replacing, possibly a new nail polish( Im really wanting to test out the new nail polish sticks ) I think thats all Im going to add to my list since I never stick to it anyway. Hopefully I'll find some good buys worthy of posting!