Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Purchases of the Day

Well today was a good old trip to Walmart, I had to stock up on a few essentials, St.Ives exfoliating face scrub, winter has unfortunately dried out my skin. Also I finally found a nice dark purple nail polish that I have been searching for, its from Rimmel but Ive forgotten the name, picked up the new issue of Teen vogue, and I had to get a couple of little gel cushies to put in my boots. I also found a cute little leopard print scarf, Im not one for too much animal print but I like a little tossed in here and there. I also picked up a plain black (fairly shortish) skirt from Old Navy.Oh and the yummiest part, some disgusting flavored cough medicine =(

After missing last season America's Next Top Model, I was excited to be able to watch this season, I thought it was quite interesting with Tyra's new theme about models making a difference. So on tonights episode I must say I was completely disgusted when the photo shoot was in some sort of meat warehouse and the models were wearing slabs of meat as bras, scarves and underwear! I was in absolute shock, I usually have respect for Tyra, but this was what I thought to be incredibly disrespectful, wrong and hypocritical of Tyra. I have lost quite a lot of respect for her now, as someone who is basically a vegetarian and loves animals, I am also hoping for her to make some sort of apology for this.

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