Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lazy Days

Well today, was definitely a lazy day, one to catch up on some sleep, I only went out for about an hour, then I watched Titanic on tv, and so that wasted about 4 hours of time, yes 4 hours with commercials, crazy. Anyways I didnt figure out how to fix my camera but I did figure out how to upload pictures from my new cell phone. Honestly I love my new phone, It's just the fact that it's new I think, I had my other phone for over 3 years, basic, no camera, so thats ancient in cell phone years. Anyways it made do, but the contract ran out so now I have the sony ericsson in grey and blue, so cute =). Anyways this enabled me to get that picture of my new clutch/purse which I cannot get over the lovely color of, also you can make it into two different styles! I hope pictures do it justice, although It does have a slightly more purple tinge to it in real life.


saray said...

ohh i like that bag!

Sheryl Wong said...

i love colors and this is definitely a most gorgeous shade of blue!