Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to black..and white

(Photographer:John Cowan)
(Photographer: Terence Donovan)
I was looking through my folder, and I came across these photos, there from quite awhile ago and I dont remember where I got them, but I love them, so I thought I would share, I also stuck this one of MK in there because she follows with my black and white theme, and she pulls it off so well! I absolutely love the boots, the necklace, it all just works for me really.
Btw, Im really hoping to make a new header, my last one was just such a sad lost battle with the PSP I had to take it down, after a week of staring at a blank header I decided I would give it another go, so look for that within a couple of days. Also check out the post below I still really want opinions on my shoes.. I just cant decide.. my most undecided are the last ones, because after looking at fashion toasts short minnetonkas, and after mulling them over for quite some time now, Im debating whether I should get some of those instead..


Anonymous said...

I love MK's outfit. :)
As for the shoes... I like the last pair, and I believe the second last. But if you're really unsure, then return them. If you're going to be happier with a pair of minnetonkas, then go for those. But if you can't choose, see which pair goes with more outfits. ;)

Adele said...

i love the photographs... beautiful.
and Mk looks fantastic as always :) x