Friday, March 21, 2008

Bracelet lusting

I thought these bracelets, were too cute, very MK I thought, except MK does a lot of snakes, and since im terrified of snakes I thought that these were a super cute susbstitute to the snake. The elephant looks kind of hard to makeout in the picture. But sadly I wont be spending $400/$700 dollars for either of them. Looks like I'll have to find a cheaper substitute :)
Finally the weekend, Im seriously hoping to get to H&M because the last time I went it was still mostly winter stuff, and yesterday was the first day of spring, Yay! Im hoping to find a couple of cute dresses. Even though I wont be able to wear them for awhile, I plan to pair up with some leggings/tights. The first couple days of spring have actually been depressingly cold, Im hoping this wont last too long, because Im definitely ready for some warmer weather.
Hmm also, while at Winners today I saw a couple of cute bcbg silky dresses, and Im not sure how to make them look more casual, what do you guys think?

1 comment:

capturedlife said...

take pictures of the dresses u talked about
maybe i can tell u how to make them look more casual then:)
thanks for ur comment btw