Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Street Style

Just a few random photos from my folder, mostly from various fashion weeks I believe. I really like the red pants/leopard scarf, and normally if someone had described that outfit to me I would cringe at the thought, considering im not exactly a colored jeans fan. But somehow she manages to make it look very appealing. Also not usually in sight on my radar is plaid shoes, but again it somehow looks so adorable, perhaps the cute flowly black skirt helps. The other four photos I just automatically became attracted towards, cute colorful spring like scarves? Check. Flowy black dress with leather jacket adding clutch of one of my new fave colors? Check. Adorable belted cardigan with what looks like a lovely chiffon floral dress? Check. Im definitely going to be looking for some bright spring type scarves soon.

Also I just had to vent about something thats really been bothering me. So heres my story: I was on a random website when I saw, "Subscribe to teen vogue, two years only $10!!! This seemed so cheap, I was like why not? So I click on it, of course only for US residents, so I follow the way to the Canadian subscriptions, only to see that one year is only $25 not to mention that a year is 10 issues. It just made me so annoyed, that its not even close to what it had originally said and isnt a subscription supposed to be saving you? I mean how much trouble can it really be to send 100 bound pieces of paper across the border? Needless to say, I did not end up subscribing.


capturedlife said...

the girl on the bottom right next to sarah rutson looks best, love the skirt

Rumi said...

Love the red jeans and the belted cardi..