Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ring Ring

Well, I didnt get to goto H&M today, but I did get to goto a mall, so thats better than nothing I suppose. Checked out aritizia, they have some adorably cute wrap cardigans, in unbelievably soft material, but I just cant bring myself to spend $200 on something that I know is going to pill within a month. Anyways I bought a few rings from Aldo accessories, the black and the four colors. I was originally planning to show my super sparkly ring, and I wanted to show off my new nail polish, its Rimmel London in Fantasy, but my camera is still totally messed up and I have no idea how to fix it, files errors? I tryed using my camera on my cell phone, but the quality just didnt show off the rings as good as my normal camera, so I limited it to just this one photo.

Also, I had to post Rachel Bilson in what I believe is the March issue of Nylon. The spread was just too cute, as is Rachel. Rachel has definitely become one of my favorite celebrity style icons, she looks awesome in just about everything she wears. I hear Rachel is teaming up with DKNY to help design a line, I definitely have high hopes for her, unlike some other celebrity lines. *cough cough* Heidi Montag, do we even call her a celebrity? honestly. After her unbelievably horrid music video, I couldnt expect any better from her clothing line. In general I dont like celebrity clothing lines, however, there are a rare few that do past the test. What do you guys think, who passes the celeb clothing line test, if any?

Btw, happy Easter guys in case I dont get a chance to blog tommorow, I hope you guys enjoy splurging on lindt bunnys, cream eggs and just lots of chocolate in general, I know I plan too =D


The Vancouverista said...

I really like The Row (by MK and Ashley) and Gwen Stefani's LAMB but other than that there have been few celebrity 'designers' worth bothering with. Oh, Jovovich-Hawk is pretty awesome too. I refuse to acknowledge anyone from the hills.

R said...

Yeah I pretty much have to agree with you. MKA's elizabeth and james is also pretty good.

vogued out!!! said...

thanks for posting pics of Rachel Bilson, luv them!!!