Monday, March 24, 2008


Well Im in the middle of doing homework, but I just wanted to do a quick post and see how everyones easter was! Mine was actually quite good, no horrific family moments haha, I would share what I wore but it really was not an exciting outfit, I had to choose something that I definitely did not care about, my aunt has big dogs, west coast rain, the dogs like to jump on you, put that equation together and the result is ruined clothes lol. Ive lost many items there, some fave flip flops got turned into a throwing toy. So yeah other than that it was a good easter, Ive been sucking back jelly beans, and chocolate all day, Yay!

Before work today I managed to get a quick slip into Winners, long enough to find a cute pair of shortish dark grey leather boots from Bronx. They were on sale, it was a pretty crappy sale but hay its still a sale. Im still debating whether to keep them or not, Ive jut got to see if I can manage to keep them cute with different outfits. I hope to have a better post soon, just a little swamped with school work right now since my semester is ending soonish =)

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