Saturday, March 15, 2008


Unfortunately Ive been fighting a cold the past few days now, not fun, Im going kind of house crazy so today I forced myself to go out. I have my famous cough, which many like to call the bark, the goose, the honk.. etc. Yes mean I know, but it does sound pretty bad, and by now, Im used to getting the stares. Anyways Im seriously hoping this cold will be gone by tommorow.

So I dont know about you guys but when Im sick I tend to watch a lot of movies, tonight I watched "Into the Wild". I thought it was a really excellent movie, what made it even more interesting was the fact that it was based on a true story, I recommend it to anyone looking for something different then a typical chick flick. It really opened my eyes and made me think. Ive always thought I loved the city, but this movie made me realize how much I also enjoy some good wilderness. This also inspired me to go green, I must admit I could be doing more, but Ive decided to start off by taking small steps at a time, hopefully this will include my fashion ways as well. Im not exactly well educated in this department, yes I know the no more plastic bags, turn off your lights etc, but if anyone else has some other tips, Id be happy to hear them =)


Wendy said...

Everyone's got to start somewhere! I'm glad you're taking action to help the environment.

Hope you feel better!

R said...

Thank-you! and yes, I agree we all do have to start somewhere :)