Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Model of the Moment

Well today there was another singer at the mall, Danny Hernandes or something, I had never really heard of him, but I had to miss it yet again due to work. So lately there has been a model that has been standing out for me, at first glance in one of her runway shows I thought she was Gemma Ward, I just think shes so cute, so in my new category,Sasha Pivovarova is the model of the moment =)

Sorry todays post is incredibly short, I just think I might fall asleep while typing since for some reason Im soo tired, so Im off to sleeep, night night =)


miss_vogue said...

totally agree about sasha being the girl of the moment.
love her.

capturedlife said...

i just postes my model of the moment and it was lily donaldson. i wanted to blog sasha too first but ill do it another day. shes one of my favourite models. shes so great, but sometimes i still do have difficulties to differ sasha from gemma haha
great blog
keep up the good work

R said...

Haha thats funny I was thinking of doing Lily donaldson as well, and yeah on the runway sometimes sasha and gemma can look so similar