Friday, March 28, 2008

Nope, Its not Spring

So half of today was basically a full on blizzard, complete with the wind and huge snowflakes. The other half of the day was just freezing. I love snow, but it's spring, so I want spring, I need to wear spring clothing! Im sick of bundle-ing up. After school I ended up just coming home because It was so cold I didnt feel like going anywhere else. Later in the day though when it stopped snowing I decided to check out a Winners.. that led to trouble, aka spending lots of money, Winners is definitely a weakness. I ended up getting:
- black seychelles heels
- black report ankle boots,
- also a purple french connection dress for only 19.99(Can't find a picture)
Still I definitely need to stop shopping so much, Im feeling really guilty about buying three pairs of shoes in the last couple of days.. I found some pictures on the internet, fairly accurate looking, although I never feel that empty shoe pictures look quite as good as actually wearing them. I would take pictures myself, but my camera is still saying File Error, and I dont know how to fix it. So here they are, the last grey ones are the bronx ones I bought a couple of days ago.

So what do you think, to keep or not to keep?
P.S I dont know why the font keeps looking differnet on my posts, sry about that but I cant fix it lol

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