Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shoe Crazyy

Well, lately it seems Ive been seeing a lot of different style of heels, Im not exactly sure how I feel about these quite yet(although I am leaning towards a more classic heel), but lets just say you probably wont be seeing me in them for awhile. The scuba heels.. I really cant picture ever wearing, I mean how would you walk in those? Or are they meant for fashionable swimming? The last ones, I can really only ever see a ballerina pulling those off, because my feet would be instantly dead or I would just fall over :) So what do you guys think?

Also I could be mia for awhile due to a crappy cold and studying for a big test, but I shall try to squeeze in a bit of time. Also Im still on the lookout for a photographer and then hopefully I cant get some nice outfit posts on here, because I really dont want to have to do the "mirror" photo in my bedroom.



Those ballerina heels look deadly. And I'm tempted to try on a pair of the heel-less heels, just for fun. :P

Anyway, I stumbled across your blog from YM. I think I'll be checking back often. :)

R said...

Yeah I agree, it would be interesting just to see what theyre like. And I hope you do check back =)

JuliAM said...

i can't believe some of those shoes actually exist. ps...you have my shoe obsession in your blog title picture, love it

Isabell said...

I would never wear that kind of shoes. They´re too high, my foot would look like a banana in those shoes. =)

I'm not good at English, hehe =)