Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its Spring, right?

Today was a crazy day, I honestly thought our crazy west coast weather was making progress towards spring, and yet today showed just how crazy our weather can be. It snowed, thats right snow, it was windy, then it rained and then the sun came back out then back to clouds... it was just a mixed up day, but it was soo cold! I stopped into Timmys for a nice warm hot chocolate, and I didnt win on my "Roll up the Rim", Do they even have winners in these cups? honestly Ive bought at least 20 cups and there all, "Please try again."
Anyways Im still looking forward to hopefully one day getting to wear summery clothes again, I found these cute dresses from wetseal, usually I cannot be bothered with this store, because it looks like a tornado has struck it everytime I look in. That just discourages me. I also know that the quality is not good here, but for something thats only around $22, I sometimes dont mind. Ive also decided that this weeked needs to be my room clean-out weekend. Its gotten pretty bad I must admit, I cant even find this belt Ive been looking for, so my plan is to clean up and organize all my clothes, what a chore this will be, hopefully I can force myself to do this and not just get lazy.. =) Anways back to watching planet earth, I have to say also I find this show hard to watch.. poor little deer, deers? they always get eaten =(

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Caroline said...

that green dress is darlingg