Sunday, June 8, 2008

Worldly Jewelry

So I've been working quite a bit the past couple days, which has totally wiped me out with my complete lack of energy.. it's pretty sad, I know, I should work on this haha. On friday however, while tagging along with my mom we stopped at this cool riverside market, I found this little store called Touch Of Africa, the man working their was so friendly, and began sticking a whole bunch of random bracelets and cuffs onto my arm. He was telling me some cool random facts about copper, which some may or not believe. Anyways he has a website if you wanted to find out more about the copper or bracelets, he also sells other artifacts and things as well.
I didnt get much time to really look around in detail but I have a feeling I will go back this week, I really love how his jewellery is all hand made, I feel like it makes it a lot more special, you know? Im thinking of perhaps one of these along with maybe a copper bracelet.

All easily adjustable too which is nice because I find bracelets are usually so huge they almost fall off, I also wanted to post a simple bracelet that my aunt brought me from greece.. but we'll have to save that for tommorow since Im somewhat consumed at the moment while watching Transformers on tv!

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kyutie said...

hi! how are you doing?! What a lovely bracelets! they look so ethnic!

** I have added you on my links, care for link exchange?

take care,