Monday, June 9, 2008


It was a lovely "June-uary" day today, waterfalls rushing down hills, flash floods at the bottom, thunder and lightning in the background, wind blowing nickel size raindrops under my umbrella and into my face. Accompanied by a lovely 10c temp. Ah for june to act like january!

Okay.. in all seriousness, if I dont get some warm weather sunshine soon.. I might actually lose my mind! What on earth is happening to our weather!?
Anyways I took a few pictures today amongst rainy boredom, too bad my cell phone couldnt really capture the rain.. but I tryed haha
( What these horrible drops of rain can do to my poor sunshine yellow leather bag :( )(A mini waterfall happening at the side of our house, I probably could have taken a shower under my neighbours gutter/trouch thing..whatever you may call it)

Like I wanted to post yesterday these were the simple bracelets my aunt brought back from Greece, the one on the right also has this cute little hand on the chain that does it up which says "hand made"


Ida said...

It is so funny that you're writing about rains and storms, and at the same time everyone's complaining about the heat. Wide world, huh?
Loving the bracelets:)

Paris Tarts said...

Ughh global warming? I like the bracelets...ask your auntie to send some my way. Hehe.


Fashion Is Poison said...

great bracelets

Crizelle said...

I wish I lived in your area. I love the rain!
I'm hating the heat :(
Love the bracelets!!

bear said...

june-uary, youre cute!

R said...

Ida: yeah I know.. I wish I could trade for some of that heat though haha!
Crizelle:Let's trade okay?
Bear: Thank-you your too sweet =) But I actually cant take all of the credit I've been hearing it everywhere lately haha