Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday the 13th

No Im not crazy, I know yesterday was Friday the 13th.. but I didnt have time to blog.. so it's todays title. So how was everyones friday the 13th, anything unlucky happen?.. It was kind of the opposite for me.. I won $8 on a lottery ticket which pretty much never happens to me haha.

Ok now about my purchase from a couple days ago... So I was basically dragged to my most detested grocery store.. when I got there I saw this huge clothing section, it turned out to be amazingly actually kind of good lol! So much stuff to choose from, fairly decent quality and everything was superrr cheap! I got two tanks $3 each. And a black slightly high-waisted tiered skirt for like $15.. oh and it was like no tax day, seriously how awesome is that?

Today: Went to winners.. found two pretty cool bags, but one was $170 and I just couldnt bring myself to spend that much (Although I must say lately when I get payed I've been having huge urges to go out and buy expensive items? Help me please before Im poor!) But I did end up with a camel? brown colored leather bag, Its fairly large and Im hoping my laptop will fit into it for when I go back to school in the fall.. if not it's still cute enough to wear laptop-less.

Okay so now the problem: I took photos of an outfit from a few days ago on my normal camera, but of course I couldn't load them onto my computer. So I've been attempting to take pictures on my cell phone camera. After looking back at these photos.. I honestly cannot bring myself to post them, because the quality is beyond horrible, and basically makes everything look like crap.
So untill I solve this issue.. I sadly have to postpone any outfit or recent purchase photos =(

Back to my old question anyone know of decent not to expensive cameras? Or do I have to go expensive for good quality? Or.. try to fix my old one by taking it in?

, R =)


michelle said...

Thankfully nothing bad happened on my friday the 13th! And I adore finding clothes for cheap in random places, great find! No idea about the camera though, good luck :)

di said...


I have the same problem

are on my fav links


kitty kate said...

i would try to fix your camara first. seems like such a waste to buy a new one. is it just a problem w/ computer or usb cords?
good luck sorry for you bad luck! but at least you found some super cheap tanks!
xx, kitty

btw, i've got the same problem as soonn as i get money i spend it. so i'm either rich or poor! but it always comes back around. just don't lose your job!lol...

Owner of this space ;) said...

cameras, right dont be fooled firstly because - a lot of cameras will look amazing just because they say '7.77 mm lense' or like a huge lense and really the lense size is important BUT you dont need to buy a like 300 pound beasty sized camera for the amazing quality - you need good mega pixels around 9 or 10 ideally no less than about 7 because the picture quality will be small and fuzzy - a chunky camera with a zoom lense is best rather than some beasty thing that doesnt really do what you think it should! lol sorry to drone on a bit! hope this has helped you! ( i recently went on a mad camera shopping spree thats how i know all that stuff - im not a freak lol!) anyway nice blog dear! - x

R said...

Kate: Im not really sure what it's a problem with, sometimes when taking photos on the camera it says "file error" and sometime it will take piks fine but when I try to put them on my computer they wont load.. I think Im going to try putting them on my actual computer instead of my laptop and see if that works..

Owner: Ty! that is seriously really helpful If I cant fix this camera, because honestly I know nothing, I basically get sucked in to the pretty looking ones haha

MR style said...

funny content :!:! well no hilarious :!

bear said...

hiii. didnt get tickets yet. did you? i say invest in a decent camera, the cheap ones always break.