Monday, June 16, 2008

The Sun Does Exist!!

As I woke up today, I was startled by this unusual sort of brightness for 9am.. I quickly got up to see what unusual phenomenon was causing this. I almost gasped outloud.. SUN! After litterally a record breaking cold/cloudy/rainy umm 10 months? I think everyone was absolutely thrilled to have a genuine sunny, warm, pretty much cloudless day. I know I was, I decided I had to go downtown on this joyous occasion.
Soo off I went downtown, I did only a slight amount of shopping, but somehow still ended up spending big. Remember those boots I mentioned a few posts ago? Well turns out they were 50% off, so I couldnt resist!! They are almost knee height, brown leather with some buckles happening here and there, and probably about a 3/3.5 heel. Regular $265.. I got them for about $90.. but then our ridiculous tax brought it up to more like $100.. still fairly good savings =)
Oh and I saw these freakin adorable Miu Miu boots.. but at $1040.. I wasnt buying ;)

After my quick shop, we headed off to the beach, took a stroll down the sea wall, and went to this little take-out place on the beach to order fish and chips =) Then we sat on a bench and pretty much people watched. Good day for viewing I must add.. um hot guys jogging topless/playing beach volleyball, yeah pretty good =) But there were also the "please put some clothes on" type people, one perhaps being the 80yr old wearing a speedo, help! my eyess!

I did take pictures.. and also spent about an hour trying to fix the camera so I could load them onto the computer, but being the not-so-techy type person I am, couldn't figure it out.. We're going to take the camera back to where we bought it tommorow, so hopefully this nonsense can be fixed once and for all! I did however take one view photo on my cell.. so enjoy my nice sunny day! =D

PS: The new coldplay CD comes out tommorow, Yay!! Can't wait
*update, I stayed up after 12am so I could hear it hehe, LOVE IT, so buying it =)
Oh and while waiting I noticed on, "The worlds best places to live in 2008"
Im number 4! With highest life expectancy, woo! go us, see if your city is on the list!


Lust for Fashion said...

glad you had a great sunny day!!
Now I'll just wait for the rain since you got our sun ; )

She's Dressing Up said...

Vancouver should be number 1! Nowhere in England was in the list, surprise surprise!!

michelle said...

Hooray for sunny summer weather! And I can't wait for the new coldplay cd either!!!

Sarah said...

It's Miu Miu.

R said...

Oops thanks for correcting me Sarah, didn't even realize Id typo'd.
I was like.. why is she telling me this? haha

nv said...

Is that English Bay? Omgoodness, we live so close then :) Yay Vancouver!