Wednesday, June 25, 2008

July Picks

Inspired by Mary-kate and Ashleys monthly hip-picks, yeahh I read those haha. Anyways I decided to create my own "hip-picks," some topics are taken from theirs, others I created myself. For July I obviously decided to go with a summer theme, so enjoy and I urge you to create your own picks, take my topics or create your own =)

Summer vacation flick: Wedding Crashers or Into the Blue
(Seriously how can a cover like that not scream summer?)Recent purchase: Almost knee-high brown leather seychelles boots(picture hopefulyyyy coming soon)

Obsession of the moment: Florals clothing, especially dresses, and these little rosebud minty melt chocolates, I swear they are addictive
(Minus those little white sprinkle things though)
Summer make-up must have: Victorias Secret lipgloss, the pink lemonade flavour

Best summer song: Anything Bob Marley
Best summer treat: Tim Hortons Ice Cap
Summer must: Too many!


Mimi said...

I gotta go look for those little rosebud minty melt chocolates now!!! They're great....and the colours are so cute.
Ice cappuccino <3 i had one yesterday...and may just have another one today ;)

jessicawhitley said...

This is a cute post..
I like all your picks :)
Esp the vs lip gloss

- Whitleyyyyy

bear said...

omg! tim hortons ice caps! what i would do for one!

michelle said...

Ohh! How fun! I want to do