Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Quickey

So I really havent been doing much the beginning of this week.. the weather is extremely depressing, It litterally rained since I woke up.. and is still raining, do we not deserve a little sunshine? Tommorow Im going back to H&M, I think Im going to return a couple of things (I've sadly become one of those impulse buyers and then after it sitting in my closet unworn for awhile, I realize I should probably just return it..) Im going to be pissing off the employees though since I want to return the stuff I just bought, and then exchange my old stuff so my new stuff is cheaper? See your already like wth? that makes no sense.. So yeah I dont think they will be too happy.

Oh and for all your Hills watchers out there, yeah I watch.. why? I honestly don't know because it's become really stupid.. anyways I saw this quote that Heidi recently stated and though it was hilarious

"I'm ready to say 'I do' whenever he is ready to really propose to me, down on one knee, with the right ring. The other one failed. Why would we use a failed ring? A new ring means a fresh start, a fresh love and a fresh engagement. Plus, I didn't get to pick it out. I want ... more something much bigger, and one that comes from the heart, not some purple thing."

Soo.. let me get this straight she wants a "new fresh love" so this means a bigger more expensive not-purple diamond that she picks out.. yeahh true love right there haha!

Oh! And my latest song pick is Homecoming by Kanye west feat. Chris Martin
Im seriously obsessed with coldplay right now and cannot wait for their new CD to come out!! Sadly I really think Kanye West is an insanely arrogant ass of a person, but he has some really catchy songs lol!


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Gloria said...

I completely agree with your last statement. I think Kanye's as arrogant and John Kayer...but I still love them!

Jenny H. said...

ahhh that heidi quote is hilarious.
ugh shes so annoying.

and yeah coldplay are fab.

michelle said...

I've re-fallen in love with Coldplay as well! I'm excited for the cd too ^_^

Jenny H. said...

ohh yeah.
i definitely am guilty of pretending to be them.
ahh to be young and worryless again.

do you wanna link up?

bear said...

i can not wait for the new coldplay cd either! concert tickets go on sale this saturday, i hope i get them!