Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Big Debate

So as I was working today, I got a little bored.. and started to wonder what I liked more, winter or summer? And I dont mean weather-wise, I mean clothes-wise of course. So I made a little list Winter:
-Like to wear all sorts of boots of course
-Wearing all different types of leggings/tights
-Wearing scarves.. I love to wear scarves year round.. but I like when you need to wear them to be all cozy
At the same time.. winter can be so cold and wet sometimes I just give up on all cute fashion boots and jackets and dress like a big snowman to keep warm and dry.
-No jackets needed
-Get to wear short sleevless flowy dresses
-Sandals and flip flops
-Getting to buy bathing suits and wearing them all day long sometimes!

So before this list I was kind of thinking winter.. but now that I make my list I really dont know which I like to dress for more. I love winter because I feel like you can almost be more creative with all the different layers, you can basically wear all that you wear in the summer just by adding tights or boots etc. But at the same time summer is so easy and light, its sometimes nice to just dress in a simple dress and bare feet in sandals.. So I guess I really just love dressing for both seasons.

What about you guys, do you have a more favored season?

And R.I.P Yves Saint Laurent August 1, 1936-June 1-2008


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i guess you're lucky that you don't have one particular season that is the stand-out winner. i think i prefer the warmer months because for me, it means less work. i love to be able to run out the door, only wearing a flowy sun dress and fun sandals. plus, since i'm usually not as pasty during the warmer months, i feel prettier and slightly healthier :)

Danz said...

Where I live we have two seasons. Dry and wet. However, I have an incomprehensible love for winter clothing.

julie said...

I think my style changes a lot based on the season. I live in a place that is very cold in winter, and deathly hot in summer. In the winter I find myself looking more sophisticated and polished whereas in the summer I'm a little more hippie-chick. I don't think I really prefer one over the other.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Fall and Winter seasons for dressing. I just always need a jacket to top everything off...

and your list makes me want cold weather to be here!

ill informed said...

During winter i go into fashion hibernation and wear a daily uniform of huge comfy sweatshirts and jeans/sweats. Come Spring i dust off my clothes and bring out my wardrobe again! Then again i live in freeezing northern minnesota