Thursday, June 5, 2008

2-Day Shop Recap

Ah sorry for lack of updates.. I've been spending my past couple of days by getting up umcomfortably early.. shopping.. followed by a nap.. followed by work not getting home till after 1030pm..And I finally got to go to IHOP after craving my classic shortstack of pancakes and their awesome variety of syrups =)

So yesterday I went to H&M, did my complicated return stuff.. I almost made it out of the mall, but stopped in at Aritizia and bought this overpriced artsy type hoodie. Did I ever mention that Iam a total hoodie addict? I know, not considered the most fashionable piece, maybe I can be like Justin and bring sexy back, except it would be hoodies. Honestly I own over 10 hoodies lol! And when temperatures are sitting at a ridiculously low tempereture, try 10c (50F) rainy,windy.. hoodies can come in handy. I had taken pictures, but my camera won't allow me to load them onto my computer, annoying yes..

Today, I finally got to go to a target and check out Rogan's collection. It was slightly picked over, but I did see the blazer, which I must say it pretty cool looking, its white/grey... online it just looks plain.. but when looked at in person you can tell the white is overlaying a cool leopard print! As well as the black jeans have a very subtle leopard style print on the side, Rumi of fashiontoast has a good picture displaying the black jeans if you want to check it out.

Anyways this is what I ended up with:

(Im not usually a graphic tee kind of person, but I just thought this looked pretty cool)(I was really hoping to see this comfy oversized sweater, and was so sad when I didn't.. but then I found it in blue! It looks blue from far away, but when up closer its kind of got little black stripes.. andd super comfy!)(I didn't get this dress but I thought it was pretty cool as well, it was kind of sheer in the giraffe-y/leopard-ey? sections, I was wearing a teal colored tank today and then it made this dress look like it had a blue underlay, so if you wore different colored tanks you could have one dress that produces a lot of different looks.. hope all of that made sense lol!)


Fleurr De Lux said...

Hoodies are so comfortable they can be addictive. And worn right, they can be cool too! Recently, my favourite is the American Apparel acid wash pullover hoody. Check it out!
x L

Anonymous said...

That sweater is gorgeous! And I love hoodies too. They're super comfy.

michelle said...

Those shorts look so cute!

Jenny H. said...

i love the rogan stuff.
its all so chic and soo cheap.
just how i like my clothes :)

and thanks so much!
i linked you as well.

Nay'Chelle said...

Great sweater! It looks like something you could do a lot wuth.

A Vogue Idea said...

i have a sweater like that from american apparel. its super comfy but definitely stylish. i also love that dress. the unexpected giraffe pattern is really cute and can also be found on banana republic.

xoxo - A Vogue Idea (

kitty kate said...

have you seen the new torn shirts? i think i will do a post. they have a lot of graphic tees and tanks with cheetahs and such on them.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

that last spotted dress will be a perfect beach cover-up!

Rumi said...

I really wanted to try on both items in the second photo but I never saw them at any Targets!

R said...

Kitty: I don't believe I have seen these torn shirts, but I will be checking for your post on them!

Rumi: I know I think maybe it varies by location? Or maybe it was just picked over.. I missed out on some items I wanted to see as well =(