Friday, June 27, 2008

Life's A Beach

So I think I can officially say that summer is here *knock on wood*. Anyways We're finally getting some decent weather so of course my natural instinct screams beach. So I went to the beach today, relaxed with the latest life and style magazine, had sandwiches and icecream. Also I would like to note that I did in fact wear spf 45, and somehow I still ended up with this retarded burn, resulting in blobs of red on my arm that somewhat resembles and indian burn gone wrong, and little red streaks on my legs and ankles, seriously how the hell am I gonna fix this without looking like a patched up frankenstein! Anywayys note to self to make sure I cover Everywhere next time, sigh.

After coming home and polishing off all the sunscreen and sand I headed downtown to eat. After a quick bite my friend and I watched a dance performance that included one of our friends, which happened to be very good!
Do to the uncomfortable driving weather, I just ended up wearing some jean ankle capris, flip flops, a bright emerald tee, and brought my black michael kors jacket along for later.

Now that it's supposed to stay nice for more than one day in a row I've got a few things on the agenda, this includes a Canada day celebration which will most likely result in some type of fireworks, and outdoor film festival on the beach, Also Im really wanting to go back to watch another shakespeare play on the beach, I went last year and it was really cool and lastly hit up the asian night market for some cheap cool goodies! Oh and I have that new 100 bucks from the government to plan a mini shopping spree, woohoo!


Romany said...

Take advantage of the hot weather -- it's full on winter here in Australia. Each day colder than the next...Lol. But I think I prefer winter over summer anyway.
Your blog header is absolutely beautiful, by the way.

Dapper Kid said...

Eeek sunburn is no fun! You could probably get away with some chic and light summer layering though!!